This Article is From Jul 19, 2010

How to download the Rupee symbol

New Delhi: You may have to wait for at least one year before you get keyboards for your computers with the new Rupee symbol. That's what the Government of India says. The Union Cabinet cleared the symbol on July 15.

But for people who can't wait to start using the symbol, here's some good news. A newly created font can help you type the character of the new rupee symbol immediately.

Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd, a Mangalore-based firm, has created a new font called the Rupee_Foradian,  which can be downloaded from the company's site - Download the symbol here .

The firm has also put in a slide show on the site to help users download the symbol, and the move has generated amazing results with the tiral version being loaded about 1,100 times with the first hour of its launch. The company made available the full version, free, as soon as the hits crossed 5,000.  

There is also a video on You Tube  showing  just how simple it it is to use the symbol.  Watch video