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AAP on strategy for Lok Sabha elections

AAP on strategy for Lok Sabha elections

Jan 05, 2014 13:22 (IST)
Yogendra Yadav:

  • We will start a membership drive called 'Main Bhi Aam Aadmi' from January 10 throughout the country
  • Our membership drive, 'Main Bhi Aam Aadmi', will be held from January 10-26. There's no fee involved.
  • We have deviced a mechanism and made guidelines to select our Lok Sabha candidate.
Jan 03, 2014 00:07 (IST)

Jan 03, 2014 00:06 (IST)

Jan 03, 2014 00:04 (IST)
Top 10 quotes from Arvind Kejriwal's address to Delhi Assembly before trust vote
Before the trust vote, in a short speech to close the debate on it, Mr Kejriwal said the aam aadmi or common man wants honest politics.
Jan 03, 2014 00:04 (IST)
Guess who's in the next car? Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's blue WagonR drew much attention as he drove down from his home in suburban Ghaziabad, to Delhi's legislative assembly on Thursday morning.
Jan 03, 2014 00:03 (IST)
For 2014 battle, AAP seeks Rs 2,014 donations
Determined to spread its wings, the AAP has stepped up fund collection and is urging supporters to donate Rs. 2,014 -- marking the year when the Lok Sabha election will be held.
Jan 03, 2014 00:03 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal's speech displays the vocabulary that brought AAP to power
In his speech in the Delhi Assembly today, Arvind Kejriwal, the 45-year-old chief minister of Delhi, deftly displayed the political vocabulary that powered his outsized victory in the recent elections.
Jan 02, 2014 19:07 (IST)
People of Delhi have won today, says Arvind Kejriwal after trust vote:

  • This is a win for truth and honesty and of the people of Delhi. Now there is a big challenge ahead of us
  • After our announcement of porta cabins for rain basera we have received many calls from people volunteering to pay for them  
  • We will not spare anyone accused of graft. I assure you with all the resources at my command
  • Most important thing on the agenda now is the Jan Lokpal Bill for Delhi
  • We will have a special session for Lokpal Bill
  • Speaker's election is not a challenge for us. Anyone can become speaker. It makes no difference to us

Jan 02, 2014 18:43 (IST)
Delhi with Arvind Kejriwal. Aam Aadmi Party wins trust vote
Arvind Kejriwal, chief minister of Delhi, today proved in the state legislature that his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has the numbers to continue to govern Delhi.
Jan 02, 2014 18:14 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal addresses Delhi Assembly:

  • Committed to uncovering and punishing corruption
  • Middle class is aam aadmi, street food vendor is aam admi, anyone who wants to banish corruption is aam aadmi
  • Anyone who wants to promote corruption whether he is rich or poor is khaas aadmi
  • We had never imagined we would start a party
  • We must reflect on why we were driven to do this, to fight elections
  • We are not here today to save this government
  • We have to accept this country's politics is entrenched in graft
  • Water, electricity, roads are poor because of these politics
  • Two years ago, the aam Indian said let's clean up the system. Politicians responded by taunting them - let's see if you can contest elections, run for elections without huge funds
  • This was a big mistake for traditional parties
  • On December 4, there was a miracle. The aam aadmi won
  • I did not believe in God but I now do. I believe that truth can never lose
  • The question before this house is which of its members is standing with the common man in this fight against corruption
  • This VIP culture should end. The second issue is of the Jan Lokpal Bill. The existing Lokayukta law in Delhi is very weak. We want a strong anti-graft law
  • The officers should be enabled to deliver within a stipulated time and if they don't then there should be a penalty under this new law
  • In Delhi, people can't get ration cards made...
  • The government doesn't do what the people want... we want the people to decide where public funds should be used in their area
  • This is called Swaraaj - the people's rule - and this is what we want to do in Delhi
  • Delhi should get the status of a full state - all parties have been demanding that
  • We want power companies should be audited - and also want to give people water at discounted rates 
  • We have to find a solution to how we can improve the lives of those living in slum-clusters and unauthorised colonies
  • We also want to stop the exploitation of those working on contract
  • We need to improve the lot of traders in Delhi - we are opposed to FDI in retail and so is the BJP and I see no divergence there
  • We need to improve the living standards of Delhi's villages and its farmers - they get no subsidy...
  • Donations in private schools should be stopped and the standards of government schools must be improved
  • We want to provide the best treatment in government hospitals
  • For women's safety, we want to form mahila suraksha dals

Jan 02, 2014 17:54 (IST)
BJP's Saheb Singh Chauhan says:

  • Every convention has been broken by AAP
  • I feared that they would take even this House to the Ramlila Maidan
  • The chief minister says he is looking for a two-roomed house. I suggest he go stay in a rain-basera... him and all his ministers

Jan 02, 2014 17:27 (IST)
BJP's Naresh Gaur says:

  • Sloganeering is a different thing and walking into the House with facts is a different thing... the government is not there to spend public money but also get revenue for the exchequer
  • People in Delhi don't want 700 litres of water, they want clean water
  • This government believes in drama (natak wali sarkar nahin chalegi)
  • In winters, there is no shortage of electricity or water

Jan 02, 2014 16:54 (IST)
Why Harsh Vardhan and Arvinder Singh Lovely should thank Arvind Kejriwal
The BJP's Harsh Vardhan, a genial, much-respected medical doctor from east Delhi has been a BJP legislator for the last 20 years. The Congress' Arvinder Singh Lovely for 15.
Jan 02, 2014 15:12 (IST)
Congress chief Arvinder Singh Lovely speaks

We are paying for our mistakes. But consider for a moment. Even after this so called wave, you are still on that side of the House. Upar waale ke daard ke khilaf koi nahin lad sakata.

Over confidence is not good - you will remain chief ministers in -waiting.

We are ready for action against corruption and we have considered all aspects before extending support.

If there has been corruption anywhere, whether in the MCD or Delhi government - there should be action taken against it. I state this on record on behalf of the my party.

We have supported them because we did not want elections again in Delhi.

We had the least to lose if there were re-polls; we acted as a responsible political party.

All political parties are in politics because they want to be in power. But that alone is not the driving force - we have to respect the wishes of the people.

I urge you not to act in haste - cites examples of the water rates. Water has become more expensive for most people - your scheme will benefit about 5 lakh people - most of whom live in areas like GK, Defence Colony & Vasant Kunj.

Jab tak aap Delhi ki janta ke hit me faisla karte hain, aapki sarkar ko koi khatra nai hain.

Aap keh rahein they solar energy laga denge, bijli ke bill kam karenge... Opposition mein baith kar aadmi kuch bhi laga dein. Mukhiji, aap ko 15 saal ka experience hain... hum toh naye naye Opposition mein aaye hain.

How can you announce subsidy? This assembly has that power. This assembly hasn't even cleared power subsidy yet. We have on record that the power department has no money for subsidy. The House is yet to pass the budget.

Your officers are misguiding you, the subsidy on power will cost 315 crores and not 200 crores as you have said. If you continue this after March, it will cost more than Rs 1,350 crore.
Jan 02, 2014 14:20 (IST)
Harsh Vardhan of the BJP speaks:

  • For the last 15 years, Sheila Dikshit was the Chief Minister - today Arvind Kejriwal is the CM.
  • When his party emerged, people of this country saw new hope
  • Though the party emerged due to Anna Hazare's movement, Anna Hazare decided to stay out of politics.
  • We were invited by the Lt Governor to form the government.
  • The party that was ruling this house for 15 years  shrunk to 8 - the party with the most number of seats is in the Opposition and the party that finished second is now in government. 
  • Arvind Kejriwal had sworn that he would neither support nor take support of the Congress party.
  • In 15 years of Congress rule , there have been many scams. Our party kept highlighting these.
  • I heard Mr Kejriwal saying if Dr Harsh vardhan had any evidence he should share it with us. I want to ask the chief minister, why  he claimed that he would act against the corrupt people in Congress if he had no evidence?
  • I don't know what compelled him to seek support from the Congress - a party that was shown the door by the people in these elections.
  • Manish Sisodia said that this house in representative of the people of Delhi. They why are they negating the mandate of the people and taking the Congress party's support.
  • Why have they gone the route of these surveys, sms-es which they did themselves?
  • In Delhi, no MLA can use red beacons. The Supreme Court order is a year old. But the manner in which you presented facts here made it seemed like the onus of cleaning up politics lay only with you.
  • You didn't want security - but at least 4000 policemen were deployed for your security at Ram Lila Maidan.
  • You wanted to travel in the metro -  they ran a special train for you, thousands of security personnel were deployed. There is nothing special about using the metro.
  • I have been using the metro to commute from Krishna Nagar to Dwarka where my children stay - I have never invited the media to highlight this.
  • We are also for clean politics - but do we need to demonstrate in this manner. We have thought hard about supporting this government in this trust vote.
  • We did not want to indulge in any horse-trading. We did not have the numbers and chose to sit in the Opposition.
  • There are many questions about Arvind Kejriwal - which the people of this country want to know.
  • According to Ford Foundation, your organisation has received funding of over 3,000 dollars.
  • Will the Delhi government give an assurance that such foreign funding for political and non-political endeavours will be investigated?
  • A household of 5 people, on an average, uses more than 660 litres of water. Why have you raised the prices of water supply? (Speaker interrupts Harsh Vardhan, says, "From the one-and-a-half hours allotted to your party you have spoken now for over 40 minutes. Maybe your other colleagues would also like to speak?" The House erupts in laughter.)
  • We want to know when will you roll back the price hikes in CNG, water bills. Why is the Delhi government wanting to spend their money to subsidize power?
  • We can do anything but we will stick to our nationalism. Arvind Kejriwal should apologise in this House for his Kashmir remark or when he said MC Sharma was killed in a 'fake 'encounter.
  • What moral majority do you talk about? I have been an MLA for 20 years. I am here to serve the people. What sacrifice are you talking about? 
  • You don't have any right to talk about cleaning the system. You have compromised with corruption.
  • You will take support from the Congress and then say - we asked the people. The people had spoken when they voted the Congress out.
Jan 02, 2014 14:09 (IST)
AAP leader Manish Sisodia moves vote of confidence in Delhi Assembly:

  • We have gathered for a very historic occasion and the hopes of the country are pinned on us.
  • The people of Delhi have given us a moral mandate
  • Our intention is not just to form the government but take some issues of the people forward
  • We want to end VIP culture, bring a strong anti-corruption Lokpal law.
  • We want to regularise contractual workers working for the government.
  • We want to improve schools, hospitals so that the common man has easy access.
  • We stand here in the hope that we can oppose FDI in retail and help the traders in Delhi. 
  • We have formed the government but we are faced with a dilemma - we got 28 seats and we were short of a majority. However, we had the moral responsibility to form the government.
  • We went to the people and asked what they thought - and they told us to form the government. 
  • The issues I have highlighted are not issues specific to any party - they are the issues of the people.

Jan 02, 2014 14:08 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia greet a colleague ahead of the trust vote

Jan 02, 2014 14:04 (IST)
AAP trust vote session starts

Jan 02, 2014 13:14 (IST)
Party leaders who will speak in the Assembly:


  • Vinod Kumar Binny
  • Madan Lal
  • Rakhi Birla
  • Saurabh Bhardwaj
  • Arvind Kejriwal


  • Haroon Yusuf
  • Arvinder Singh Lovely
Jan 02, 2014 13:08 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister:

  • Janta ka vishwas hai is sarkar par (The people trust this government)
  • 5 dino mein logon ko aur bhi yakin hone laga hai ki yeh aam janta ki sarkar hai (Within five days, the people have started realising that this government is of the people)
  • Hum satta ke liye yahan nahi aayen hain.. hume koi dar nahi hai (We haven't come for power and that's why we are not afraid)
  • Agar hume satta me rahna hota tabhi dar hota (We would have been afraid only if we had sought power)
Jan 02, 2014 12:53 (IST)
AAP party meeting starts at Delhi Assembly ahead of trust vote.
Jan 02, 2014 12:39 (IST)
Arvinder Singh Lovely, Delhi Congress chief, on trust vote:

  • Congress is still on the same stand we have mentioned in letter that we have written on 13th December.
  • Today is our first meeting.
  • We have taken some resolutions.
  • We have taken a resolution to put pressure the government on food security bill implementation and other policies.
  • We still stand on our word that we have mentioned in the letter.
  • We are continuing to give outside support to AAP.
  • They can bring in investigations if there are any allegations.
  • If he has become a CM, it is his right to investigate any corruption charges.

Jan 02, 2014 11:44 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal, a man in a hurry
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has repeatedly said that with 28 legislators, he cannot vouch for the stability of his minority government, which depends on the Congress' support to meet the requirement of 36 in the House. He will prove majority today with a trust vote.
Jan 02, 2014 11:31 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal to seek trust vote: the numbers
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will today seek a confidence vote to prove that his party has the numbers to continue to govern Delhi.
Jan 02, 2014 10:14 (IST)
Latest updates:

  • Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to leave for Vidhan Sabha at around 12:30 pm
  • Manish Sisodia to move the motion in the House at 2 pm
  • Following are the speakers from AAP during debate: Rakhi Birla, Vinod Kumar Binny, Madan Lal, Rajesh Garg, Jagdeep, Saurabh Bharadwaj
  • Debate may take 3-4 hours
  • There will be voting on motion if situation arises

Jan 02, 2014 10:12 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal has to prove majority today
Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, faces his next political test today. He has to seek a confidence vote to prove that his party has the numbers to continue to govern Delhi.
Jan 02, 2014 09:22 (IST)
AAP government faces trust vote today. Updates:

12:30-1.00 pm: AAP MLAs will be meeting in the assembly.

2.00 pm: Arvind Kejriwal's speech expected on the floor of the House.

5.00 pm: Voting expected.

Jan 01, 2014 12:52 (IST)
First session of new Delhi assembly begins today; Arvind Kejriwal to prove majority by Jan 3
The first session of the new Delhi assembly begins today - a seven-day sitting in which Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has to prove majority on the floor of the House.
Dec 31, 2013 15:15 (IST)
AAP to pick pro-term or temporary Speaker after BJP refuses post
"Now Speaker will be from AAP; we will announce by today evening," senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh said.
Dec 31, 2013 15:14 (IST)
Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal recovering, expected to attend office tomorrow
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who has skipped office due to ill health, is recovering well and is expected to attend office tomorrow, Health Minister Satyendra Jain said today.
Dec 31, 2013 12:11 (IST)
Permits to be issued for auto rickshaws to travel to Noida, Gurgaon
The Delhi government decided to issue 5,500 inter-state permits for auto rickshaws to travel within the National Capital Region (NCR) territory.
Dec 31, 2013 11:55 (IST)
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal advised two-day bed rest
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, had skipped office on Monday due to ill health.
Dec 31, 2013 11:54 (IST)
Dec 31, 2013 11:53 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal announces Rs 1-crore compensation for family of cop killed on duty
Constable Vinod Kumar was beaten to death on Saturday, allegedly by bootleggers in Ghitorni village of south Delhi during a raid.
Dec 31, 2013 11:52 (IST)
On display, the charm and limitations of the young AAP government
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is unwell and stayed home on Monday. But his six ministers, none of whom has held such an office before, had a rough first day at the Delhi secretariat.
Dec 31, 2013 11:50 (IST)
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal keeps free water promise
Arvind Kejriwal has kept his promise to Delhi.
Dec 30, 2013 11:14 (IST)

Six Aam Aadmi Party ministers to hold darbar at 12 pm at Delhi government headquarters; VIP gates will be opened to public.

Dec 30, 2013 11:13 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal unwell, but decision on free water likely today
Arvind Kejriwal is unwell and will not attend office on Monday, his third day as Delhi's chief minister. But he is reportedly keen to pass an executive order to provide 700 litres of free water to every household in the capital.
Dec 29, 2013 00:38 (IST)
No lal battis or police escorts for cars, decides Kejriwal's new cabinet
Hours after taking oath today, the Delhi cabinet decided that no minister or government official will be allowed to use the red beacon or lal batti that signals a VIP's car and confers right of way.  (Read more)
Dec 28, 2013 23:49 (IST)
Women's safety our top priority: Minister Rakhi Birla to NDTV
Delhi's new Women and Child Social Welfare Minister Rakhi Birla, one of the youngest cabinet ministers, says the issue of women's security is extremely close to her heart and her ministry is working on several draft plans.
Dec 28, 2013 23:46 (IST)
Senior bureaucrats calling me 'Sir' is strange: Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj
The 33-year-old told NDTV he finds the work culture in the Delhi government disturbing.
Dec 28, 2013 23:45 (IST)
Delhi: Cops urge Arvind Kejriwal to take security, say it is 'needed'
Mr Kejriwal has consistently refused to take security cover, from both the Delhi and Ghaziabad police.
Dec 28, 2013 21:33 (IST)
On day one in office, Arvind Kejriwal works six hours, transfers nine senior bureaucrats
Nine senior bureaucrats, including the CEO of the Delhi Jal Board, have been transferred by Arvind Kejriwal, who took charge of the Delhi government today.
Dec 28, 2013 18:11 (IST)
If AAP fulfills the promises they have made, we will always continue our support: Congress
Dec 28, 2013 18:03 (IST)
Delhi's new law minister Somnath Bharti  to NDTV:  

  • The December 16 gang-rape was a moment which has impacted me personally
  • Ensuring security to women will be what we will be taking first hand
  • We are in touch with ex-army men to talk out a plan for the ministry
Dec 28, 2013 18:01 (IST)
Delhi's new Women and Child Social Welfare Minister  Rakhi Birla to NDTV:

  • Women security will be our top priority
  • I am appalled by the way policing has been done so far
  • There is no time to waste and we are already holding meeting for revamping women security in the capital
  • We will also ensure that speedy trials happen in cases related to women exploitation
  • Have already asked for a feedback from few judges/ex-judges on how to implement it

Dec 28, 2013 17:31 (IST)
Less than six hours after taking oath, the AAP cabinet starts its second meeting of the day
Dec 28, 2013 17:24 (IST)
On Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's first day in the office, red beacons removed from vehicles at Delhi secretariat
Dec 28, 2013 17:05 (IST)

Dec 28, 2013 17:04 (IST)
I am very happy that Arvind Kejriwal is the new Chief Minister, says Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi after meeting Mr Kejriwal

Dec 28, 2013 16:45 (IST)
Delhi's new education Minister Manish Sisodia:

  • Will keep a close watch on the donation system
  • We will prioritise nursery admissions
Dec 28, 2013 15:51 (IST)
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Arvind Kejriwal:

  • I feel AAP will fulfill their promises
  • AAP has struggled so they will be able to face those challenges.
  • I congratulate Kejriwal now that he is officially the Chief Minister
Dec 28, 2013 15:44 (IST)
Delhi Cabinet decides:

  • No Private Security Officer (PSO) and escort vehicle to be provided to officials. Security to be allowed based on threat perception.
  • No minister or official in Delhi government will use red beacon.

Dec 28, 2013 15:43 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal quotes Robert Frost:

Dec 28, 2013 15:40 (IST)
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal gets to work:

Dec 28, 2013 15:37 (IST)
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at a press conference:

  • Faces used to change but system had always been the same. This time something amazing happened.
  • The bureaucracy is a bit worried.
  • I told them that honest people need not to be scared; I am not going to do witch-hunting.
  • I told them to work with honesty; honesty will be rewarded.
  • Till now dishonest officers were rewarded and honest officers were sidelined.
  • Now it will be the opposite.
  • I have told them to read the manifesto.
  • The main motive is to serve the people and if they face any legal hinderance they can come to me for help.

Dec 28, 2013 15:03 (IST)
Rajiv Pratap Rudy, BJP leader, on Arvind Kejriwal:
  • I congratulate him.
  • He has worked hard to stabilize the government.
  • We hope he puts full efforts in fulfilling his promises.
  • It is a conspiracy that he has taken support from Congress.
  • They have to answer for this.
  • With Kejriwal's statement that he doesn't want any government vehicles is an indication that his tenure is not going to be very long.
  • Kejriwal has entered the category of 'Khaas aadmi'; he is not an 'aam aadmi' anymore.
Dec 28, 2013 14:43 (IST)
Delhi Cabinet meet ends
Dec 28, 2013 14:37 (IST)
Seen below: Mediapersons wait as Arvind Kejriwal holds Cabinet meetat Secretariat

Dec 28, 2013 14:34 (IST)
Atul Anjan, CPI leader:

  • We need to welcome Kejriwal for his new policies.
  • With their principles, AAP has to keep people in mind.
  • It is evident that AAP is fighting against communal forces by taking support from Congress.
  • Only time can decide how able AAP is in fighting against two major political parties.
Dec 28, 2013 14:32 (IST)
Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh on Arvind Kejriwal:

  • All our good wishes are for Kejriwal.
  • New government is formed. There will be new hopes and expectations.
  • He is setting a good example.
  • Our wishes for him to implement his promises.

Dec 28, 2013 14:29 (IST)
Delhi Commissioner of Police BS Bassi to meet Chief Minister at 4:40 pm.
Dec 28, 2013 14:28 (IST)
After the Cabinet meet, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to meet officials from the Delhi Jal Board, Transport, Power and Indraprastha Gas Ltd and the Commissioner of Delhi Police.
Dec 28, 2013 14:10 (IST)
The average age of Arvind Kejriwal Cabinet is approximately 40 years.

Dec 28, 2013 14:03 (IST)
Delhi's 1.5 crore people can find a solution to anything, says Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal
Wearing his trademark white cap, Arvind Kejriwal was sworn in today as Delhi's youngest chief minister, as an estimated one lakh people cheered for him at Ram Lila Maidan, a massive public park in the heart of the city.
Dec 28, 2013 14:01 (IST)
Delhi portfolios assigned; power, finance, vigilance with Arvind Kejriwal
Soon after assuming charge as Delhi's seventh chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference where he announced the portfolios of the six members of his Cabinet.
Dec 28, 2013 13:57 (IST)
Balbir Punj, BJP leader:

  • I don't see any change in this.
  • All the formulae that Kejriwal is implementing are already tried and tested.
  • All the Cabinet ministers along with him have used Metro. It shouldn't be a one-day drama like what Veerappa Moily has done.
  • With all this drama, there will be no solution to serious problems in Delhi.
  • This party has started from a corruption movement.
  • It is now a challenge to Kejriwal how swiftly he would act against the previous corrupt government.
  • It will be a testing time on how Arvind Kejriwal will work in arresting corrupt leaders from Congress.

Dec 28, 2013 13:48 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal holds press conference, announces portfolios:

  • Arvind Kejriwal: Power, Finance, Home, Vigilance
  • Manish Sisodia: PWD and Education, Urban Development
  • Girish Soni: Development, Employment, SC/ST
  • Somnath Bharti: Tourism, Law, Administrative reforms
  • Saurabh Bhardwaj: Food and supply, Environment, Transport and Development
  • Rakhi Birla: Women and Child Social Welfare, Women safety
  • At 2.00 pm we have a Cabinet meeting
  • We are going to meet power, finance, water board officials.

Dec 28, 2013 13:47 (IST)
Aam Aadmi Party Ministers' portfolios:

Arvind Kejriwal: Power, Finance, Home, Vigilance

Girish Soni: Development, Employment, SC/ST

Somnath Bharti: Tourism, Law, Administrative reforms

Saurabh Bhardwaj: Food and supply, Environment, Transport and Development

Rakhi Birla: Women and Child Social Welfare, Women safety

Manish Sisodia: PWD and Education, urban development

Dec 28, 2013 13:45 (IST)
Open letter to Aam Aadmi's chief minister Arvind Kejriwal
Blog by Rahul Verma, the founder of Uday Foundation, a small grassroots non-profit based in New Delhi.
Dec 28, 2013 13:40 (IST)
Meet the ministers in Arvind Kejriwal's team
Arvind Kejriwal, 45, became the seventh Chief Minister of Delhi. He and his ministers were sworn in at Ramlila Maidan, a massive public park in the heart of the city. Like Mr Kejriwal, who defeated three-time chief minister Sheila Dikshit in her constituency by 25,000 votes, most of his ministers are political novices who are now being called "giant killers". His one-year-old Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will be in power in Delhi with external support from the Congress.
Dec 28, 2013 13:38 (IST)
Nearly a lakh people attended Arvind Kejriwal's swearing-in ceremony.
Dec 28, 2013 13:36 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal's sting operation: catch officials taking bribes red-handed
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has a plan. To catch government officials who ask for bribe red-handed. In his first speech after being sworn in at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan today, Mr Kejriwal said, "If anyone asks for bribe, don't say no. Set it up and alert us. We will give you a phone number and we will catch the officer red-handed."
Dec 28, 2013 13:35 (IST)
Cabinet meeting begins at Delhi Secretariat, Arvind Kejriwal to assign portfolios soon.
Dec 28, 2013 13:16 (IST)
At Delhi Secretariat, Arvind Kejriwal will hold his first cabinet meeting at 2 pm

Dec 28, 2013 13:16 (IST)
Confident Arvind Kejriwal will do good work: former mentor Anna Hazare
Anna Hazare, Gandhian activist and one-time mentor of Arvind Kejriwal, said today, "We have been together for many years. I am confident he will do good work."
Dec 28, 2013 13:07 (IST)
Hear, hear! Arvind Kejriwal sings a 1959 film song to motivate supporters
The song is a social comment on brotherhood and unity.
Dec 28, 2013 13:05 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal: 'aaj ka CM, kal ka PM', say posters at swearing-in
At the Ramlila Maidan, where Arvind Kejriwal took oath as Delhi's chief minister today, posters declared - Aaj ka CM, kal ka PM (chief minister today, prime minister tomorrow).
Dec 28, 2013 13:04 (IST)
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal takes office at Secretariat

Dec 28, 2013 13:01 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal breaks into Manna Dey song on brotherhood at swearing-in
Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi's new chief minister, ended an impassioned speech at the Ramlila Maidan on Saturday by singing a Manna Dey song from the 1959 film Paighaam.
Dec 28, 2013 12:53 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal reaches Rajghat to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi after taking oath as Delhi Chief Minister

Dec 28, 2013 12:43 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal's swearing-in: Congress plays sore loser, misses ceremony
The Congress party, which was decimated by year-old Aam Aadmi Party in the December 4 Assembly elections, has given Arvind Kejriwal's swearing-in as Delhi's chief minister a miss.
Dec 28, 2013 12:42 (IST)
In pictures: Delhi celebrates AAP ka Chief Minister
Describing his one-year-old party's journey to power as "nothing short of a miracle", Arvind Kejriwal delivered a heart-felt speech after taking his oath today.
Dec 28, 2013 12:39 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal takes oath as Delhi chief minister, sea of supporters present
Wearing his trademark white cap, Arvind Kejriwal was sworn in as the chief minister of Delhi today, as an estimated 40,000 people cheered for him at Ram Lila Maidan, a massive public park in the heart of the city.
Dec 28, 2013 12:36 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal sings 'Insan Ka Insan Se Ho Bhaichara' from 1959 film 'Paigham'. The song was sung by Manna Dey and its lyricist was Pradeep. The music was given by C Ramchandra.
Dec 28, 2013 12:15 (IST)
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addresses crowd at Ramlila Maidan

  • Today every common man of Delhi has taken oath as CM and minister
  • Today the common man has won
  • Till now we used to think that India cannot be saved from corruption but today the people of Delhi have shown that elections and politics can be done with honesty and integrity.
  • This is a big victory for the people of Delhi
  • We never even thought that there will be such a revolution in Delhi and swaraj will be established.
  • We did not achieve this by ourselves. I want to thank God for this.
  • The victory seems miraculous.
  • There is no problem that we cannot solve if we unite.
  • We don't have a magic wand, but Delhi's 1.5 crore people can find a solution to anything.
  • This is where we met two years ago and Anna fasted, demanding an end to corruption
    Anna used to say politics is filthy, but I used to respond that we will have to step into it and clean the system.
  • Our infrastructure, hospitals, schools, water and electricity are all flailing because of corruption in politics.
  • Santosh Koli was martyred but Hindu religion says that the soul is immortal. The body dies, but the soul remains. Today, she will be happy at our victory.
  • I have met a few officials of Delhi government in the past few days and I won't hesitate to say that majority of them want to work for the nation.
  • I appeal with folded hands to all of us- let us never become arrogant
  • I know that we have a huge responsibility today.
  • Whether we succeed is not up to us, but we can ask God to guide us so we don't make mistakes.
  • I admit we are scared because of the huge task ahead of us. I am sure if we will walk in the right path...and we will never make any mistakes.
  • Dr Harsh Vardhan is a good man, can't say the same about his party.
  • If we don't clear the trust vote, we will face re-election, the people will support us.
  • We are going to join hands to fight for our country. We are not here to earn money or for power...we have left our career to leave our mark of clean governance.
  • We are not worried if we pass or fail the confidence motion...other parties are worried of it.
  • Sone Ki Chidiye the next 5 years, you will hear these words about this country.
  • If anyone asks for bribe, don't say no. Set it up and alert us. We will give you a phone number...and we will catch the officer red-handed.
  • Please take an oath with me...''I will never take bribe, I will never give bribe'

Dec 28, 2013 12:14 (IST)
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Cabinet ministers - Manish Sisodia, Girish Soni, Rakhi Birla, Saurabh Bhardwaj, Somnath Bharti and Satyendra Jain - take oath.

Dec 28, 2013 12:09 (IST)
Rakhi Birla, 26, to be Delhi's youngest minister in its 20-year history as a state, takes oath
Dec 28, 2013 11:58 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal takes oath as seventh Chief Minister of Delhi

Dec 28, 2013 11:57 (IST)
Arvind Kejriwal invited to take oath as Chief Minister

Dec 28, 2013 11:52 (IST)
Chief Minister designate Arvind Kejriwal arrives at Ramlila Maidan for swearing-in; BJP's Harsh Vardhan present, none from Congress

Dec 28, 2013 11:51 (IST)
Chief Minister designate Arvind Kejriwal, seen inside the Delhi Metro

Dec 28, 2013 11:45 (IST)
Anand Mahindra tweets:

This is a brave experiment for which India should rightfully take global centre stage.Time to suspend our cynicism & give it a chance
Dec 28, 2013 11:31 (IST)
Massive crowd at Ramlila Maidanahead of Arvind Kejriwal's swearing-in

Dec 28, 2013 11:27 (IST)
Mediapersons and AAP supporters outside the Chief Minister designate's residencein Kaushambi
Dec 28, 2013 11:26 (IST)
Outside Arvind Kejriwal's residence, a look at AAP's security
Dec 28, 2013 11:16 (IST)
At Barakhamba Road Metro station, hundreds wait to receive their new Chief Minister designate:

Dec 28, 2013 11:12 (IST)
Nearly 40,000 people present at Ramlila Maidan for Arvind Kejriwal's swearing-in. There is no VIP enclosure. The main dais, where the ministers and the CM will be sworn-in, is relatively small.Strains of national song Vande Mataram fill the air.

Dec 28, 2013 11:11 (IST)
Security tightened at Kausambi station due to Arvind Kejriwal's visit
Security was today beefed up at the Kausambi Metro Station in view of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal's decision to take the metro to Ramlila Maidan from Ghaziabad to take oath as the Delhi Chief Minister.
Dec 28, 2013 11:09 (IST)
At Arvind Kejriwal's Kaushambi home, a jhaadu bouquet and blessings
"He must first address the security problem, especially for women, in Delhi," said a Sikh gentleman who had come over from Delhi to congratulate "our new Chief Minister."