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World Vegetarian Day: Vegetarians, Here Are 7 Protein-Rich Foods You Must Have For Quick Weight Loss

World Vegetarian Day: From soy products to lentils, legumes, nuts and seeds, there are many protein-rich foods that vegetarians can bank on for quick weight loss. Read here to know all about them.

World Vegetarian Day: Vegetarians, Here Are 7 Protein-Rich Foods You Must Have For Quick Weight Loss

World Vegetarian Day: Vegetarian food is as nutritious and weight loss friendly as non-vegetarian food


  • You can have protein-rich vegetarian food every day
  • World Vegetarian Day: Lentils and legumes are good source of protein
  • Munch on protein-rich snacks like nuts and seeds for quick weight loss

World Vegetarian Day is observed on October 1. This day is meant to empower vegetarian food, which is as healthy, as weight loss-friendly and as nutritious as non-vegetarian food. Started by the North Amercian Vegetarian Society in 1977, World Vegetarian Day is meant to promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism. The day is meant to raise awareness about a vegetarian lifestyle and how it can benefit your body and overall health. In this article, we are going to talk about protein-rich foods that can help you with weight loss. These vegetarian protein-rich foods can be included in your daily diet as well.

World Vegetarian Day: Protein-rich foods for weight loss

When it comes to protein-rich foods, non-vegetarian food is considered to be a better source of protein. And while nutritionists and dietitians do believe that meat-based protein and protein in eggs is good quality protein, vegetarian food too can give you quality protein and make up for your daily recommended intake of protein. Read below to know some the best sources of vegetarian protein:

1. Soy and soy products

If there's one food that vegetarians can bank on for their protein intake, it is soy and soy products. Tofu, soybeans and soya chunks are some soy foods that you include in your daily diet to get sufficient protein. Half cup of tofu is said to have 10 gm of protein and 100 gms of soy beans contain 36 gm protein.

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2. Lentils

Lentils and legumes are rich in fibre-rich carbs and also protein. Red and green lentils are also rich sources of iron and magnesium. Half cup of lentils contain around 8.84 gm of protein. You can eat lentils in almost all meals of the day like sprouts for breakfast and curry based dal for lunch and dinner.


Lentils are a rich source of vegetarian protein
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3. Chickpeas

One cup of chickpeas contain around 14.5 gm protein. Chickpeas are a highly versatile foods that can be eaten in the form of curries, or be included in salads. Your favourite hummus is made from overnight soaked chickpeas. Hummus can be your protein-rich alternative to butter.

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4. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of plant-based or vegetarian protein. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar says that you must have a handful of nuts like almonds, pistachios, cashews and walnuts every day. Seeds like chia seeds and hemp seeds are sources of complete protein. You can sprinkle seeds over your salads or snack on them. You can create a nuts and seeds trail mix that you can munch on, on a daily basis.

5. Peanuts

Peanuts are protein rich legumes that you can have regularly. One cup of peanuts can give you around 41 gm of protein. A handful of peanuts post lunch can not only reduce your cravings but can also provide you with sufficient protein.

6. Leafy green vegetables

Not just protein, but leafy green vegetables are a great source of magnesium, potassium and calcium. Broccoli, kale and spinach are protein-rich vegetables that must be a part of your diet.


Leafy green veggies are a great source of vegetarian protein and should be included in your diet regularly
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7. Dal and rice

Dal rice may not fit perfectly into the list here but this humble meal is indeed a protein-rich meal with a complete amino acid profile. This meal has stood the test of time and have in fact been proven to be healthy and a rich source of protein. And yes, you can have dal rice for dinner as well, without worrying about weight gain. Read here to know why.

Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho suggests that if you want to increase your protein intake for quick weight loss, then you must do it by including a protein-rich food in every meal of the day. Do not go overboard with protein consumption as too much protein can have side effects like damage to kidneys, constipation and dehydration. Moderation is the key when it comes to achieving sustainable weight loss and good health in the long term. 

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