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World Sight Day 2021: Top 8 Rules to Follow To Prevent Digital Eye Strain

World Sight Day 2021: Observed on second Thrusday of October every year, World Sight Day tries to create awareness about eye-health and eye-relate issues. The theme for Sight Day 2021 is 'Love your eyes.'

World Sight Day 2021: Top 8 Rules to Follow To Prevent Digital Eye Strain

World Sight Day 2021: Take frequent breaks from digital devices to save your eye sight


  • World Sight Day is observed on second Thursday of October
  • Digital eye strain is a common issue faced by many during the pandemic
  • Give your eye frequent breaks while using digital devices

While technology is a boon to the universe, at the same time you are also exposed to the adverse effects of it. Over usage of technology may result in damages beyond repair. Your eyes are extremely sensitive and are most affected with the use of technology. Over exposure to blue light on a daily basis may lead to eye-related issues like blurred vision, computer-vision syndrome and digital eye strain.

Since children's eyes are still in the developing stage, they are at a higher risk of suffering from vision-related problems due to frequent use of digital devices. During the ongoing pandemic, the use of light-emitting gadgets has increased for all age groups. On World Sight Day 2021 here are some tips that can help prevent digital eye strain.

World Sight Day 2021: Tips to prevent digital eye strain

Practicing these preventive measures can help protect your eyes from the possible side-effects of increased screen time:

1. An anti-reflective coating glass should be used during prolonged usage of digital devices

2. Blinking frequently should be practiced, making the conscious effort to keep eyes clean and lubricated

3. Give rest to your eyes and take frequent break to relax the ocular muscles

4. Always adjust the digital screen brightness according to the lightning around you to avoid strain

5. Exercise with the 20:20:20 rule, which is, you have to look away from the screen every 20 minutes at an object sited 20 feet away for 20 seconds

6. Sit at an arm's length from the screen and place it below eye level

7. Last but definitely not the least, get the eyes examined routinely to monitor any underlying eye-condition in the bud before things turn worse


Sight Day 2021: Too much use of digital devices can lead to digital eye strain
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Practising healthy eye habits like cutting down screen time especially before bedtime can relieve eye pressure to an extent. Usually screens are back-lit with blue light which may trouble your sleep cycle.

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Your eyes are an important organ that one should never take for granted. Almost 80% of what you perceive comes through your sense of sight and hence it's highly important to protect your eyes before it is too late.

(Dr. Vineet Sehgal is a Senior Consultant at Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals)

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