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World Sight Day 2020: Blink More Often To Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome; Know More Expert Tips

World Sight Day 2020: Looking at the screen for too long can affect your eye health in several ways. The increased dependency on digital screens may lead to dry eyes and poor vision. Here are some tips which can help you fight computer vision syndrome.

World Sight Day 2020: Blink More Often To Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome; Know More Expert Tips

World Sight Day 2020: Excess use of digital screens can affect your vision


  • Reduce your screen time throughout the day
  • A healthy diet can help you ensure good vision
  • Too much screen time can cause blurred vision

World Sight Day is observed on every second Thursday of October each year. This day tries to create global awareness about vision impairment and blindness. Maximum of the population suffering from eye diseases worldwide can prevent these with right measures. The theme for World Sight Day 2020 is 'hope in sight.' Since, most of the activities throughout the day are done online, whether it is work, entertainment or staying connected with friends. This dependence on gadgets worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to increased incidents of computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain usually presents as one or more of the following symptoms: headache, tiredness, eye strain or pain, blurred vision, and itchy, red eyes. On the occasion of World Sight Day 2020, here are some tips to minimise digital eye strain and these will help you protect your eyes from overuse of gadgets.

World Sight Day 2020: Tips to reduce digital eye strain

1. 20-20-20 rule

Take frequent breaks when working on a screen device. You should look away from the screen every 20 minutes and close your eyes for 20 seconds. Then open your eyes and look at something far away at least 20 feet away.


World Sight Day 2020: Give your eyes enough rest while using digital screens
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2. Optimize your monitors

Reduce the brightness on your screen devices. Also, adjust colors to decrease the blue light, which is linked to more eyestrain. You may want to shift to the night-time mode.

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3. Blink more often

When you focus especially on bright screens, the rate of blinking decreases. This means that the eyes do not receive adequate lubrication, leading to dry eyes. This results in tired, gritty and sore eyes. Therefore, you must actively remember to blink more often.

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4. Position your screen right

Make sure the computer screen is at least 22-28 inches away. In addition to this, the center of the screen should be about 10-15 degrees below eye level, and that you are sitting upright in a chair with your arms supported.


Sight Day 2020: Place your screen at the position to avoid digital eye strain
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5. Wear your glasses

Make sure you wear the appropriate spectacles when using your computer screens. Make sure your prescription is up to date. For this, an annual eye check-up is essential.

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6. Visit your doctor

If your symptoms persist or worsen, please do visit your eye doctor. Talk to your doctor if you need an in-person consult, or if a tele-consult will work for your problems. Continue your medication as prescribed, feel free to reach out in case you need any clarifications.

(Dr. Shibal Bhartiya, Senior Consultant Eye Specialist at Fortis Memorial Research Institute)

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