World Heart Day 2022: A Guide To A Healthy Heart For Women In Their 40s

World Heart Day 2022: This article is aimed at empowering women in their 40s to lead a lifestyle free of heart diseases.

World Heart Day 2022: A Guide To A Healthy Heart For Women In Their 40s

World Heart Day 2022: Women in their 40s should workout regularly to maintain good heart health

The word "Heart" conjures up a plethora of emotions: love, compassion, joy, fulfilment, etc. Literature, poems, songs & cinema revolve around this word. Although functionally, this organ has nothing to do with such emotions. They are attributed to our hearts. One thinks from their mind, i.e., brain, but upon showing compassion, one is called "full of heart" & if not, then called "heartless," perhaps because this is the first organ of our body to be functional when we are inside our mother's womb & 4 weeks old. It beats throughout till our last breath without resting for a single moment. 

Heart disease & diseases of arteries & veins (cardiovascular disease or CVD) are the leading cause of death across the globe. As long as acquired diseases of the heart are concerned, especially heart artery blockages (which cause angina & heart attack), males are more afflicted. However, it is still the leading cause of death in women as well. The severity of the arterial blockages is more in women as they have arteries smaller in diameter than men. Surprisingly, women in India are almost equally susceptible to CVD as men. Study reveals that 3 in 5 women in India are at high risk of CVD around their 40s. This shocking figure has reached this number in the last 3 years. So, it is imperative to know the causes so that women can check on the prevalence of this disease, thereby preventing suffering & death. This article is aimed at empowering women in their 40s to lead a lifestyle free of heart diseases. Why is there a remarkable change in the number in the last 3 years? 


1. Being overweight - 3 in 4 obese women are at risk of CVD.

2. Less amount of good cholesterol (HDL) - 8 in 10 women have low HDL 

3. Smoking - 90% of women smokers are at risk.

4. Diabetes - 97% of diabetic women are at risk.

5. High blood pressure - 95% of women with high BP.

6. Women are not making nutritional needs their priority. 

7. High saturated fat, sugar & salt intake.

8. Low consumption of vegetables & whole grains 

9. High BMI

10. Tolerance: Indian women have more tolerance toward pain & discomfort. Hence neglecting their health & alarming signs of heart disease. 

The interesting fact is that 80% of heart diseases are preventable.

Dos & Don'ts for a healthy heart:

1. Do not ignore symptoms & signs of Angina - Chest pain, Chest discomfort, Palpitation, breathlessness during exertion. 

2. See a cardiologist for regular heart checkups.

3. Eat low-fat, vegetarian food full of fibre & antioxidants.

4. Drink less tea & coffee.

5. Aerobic exercises like brisk walking, cycling, swimming, and jogging. 

6. Stress reduction & relaxation.

7. Weight reduction 

8. Stop Smoking

9. Practice yoga & meditation.

10. Control chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Keep your cholesterol & lipid profile within normal range.

11. Say no to hormone therapy.

Women are the backbone of our society, juggling a multitude of responsibilities. They need to have a healthy heart for a progressive and healthy society. 

Content By: Dr. Bikram Kesharee Mohanty, Sr. Consultant Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgery (Adult & Paediatric) Visiting Sr. Consultant - National Heart Institute, New Delhi

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