World Blood Donor Day: You Should Not Donate Blood If You Have These Conditions

World Blood Donor Day 2019: Did you know if you have cold, flu or any other infections, you cannot donate blood? Here are other eligibility criteria you need to follow if you are looking forward to blood donation.

World Blood Donor Day: You Should Not Donate Blood If You Have These Conditions

Blood Donor Day: Recently got a tattoo? You cannot donate blood before 6 months


  • People aged between 18-65 are eligible for blood donation
  • Any recent history of infection or flu prohibits you from donating blood
  • You cannot donate blood if you are HIV positive

World Blood Donor Day 2019 is observed on June 14. The day is meant to raise awareness about the important act of blood donation and encourage people across the world to donate blood regularly. Donated blood from one donor can save up to 3 lives. The idea behind World Blood Donor Day is to bust the various myths about blood donation and encourage everyone to donate blood on a regular basis. However, it is also important to know that you need to pass few medical tests. Most people in good health can donate blood.

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World Blood Donor Day: If you have these conditions, you cannot donate blood

1. Your body temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure and haemoglobin levels are checked before medical experts go ahead with drawing blood. You can donate blood only if all these show normal levels at the time of blood donation.

2. Also you have to be aged between 18 to 65 to be eligible for donating blood.

3. Your weight should at least be 50 kgs.

4. You should be in good health at the time you donate. In case you have cold, sore throat, flu or any other infection, you cannot donate blood.

5. Also, you cannot donate blood in case you have had a tattoo or a body piercing 6 months from the date of the procedure. However, if the body piercing has been performed by a registered health professional, and the underlying inflammation has settled properly, then you can donate blood after 12 hours.


World Blood Donor Day: You cannot donate blood until 6 months from getting tattoo
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6. You can also not donate blood in case you have visited the dentist a day before. You must wait for 24 hours for donating blood, in case you have had a minor procedure with the dentist. In case the procedure has been a major one, wait for at least a month.

7. Your haemoglobin levels should be adequte for donating blood. According to WHO, females should have at least 12.0 g/dl haemoglobin and males must have13.0 g/dl.

8. Where you have travelled before donating blood will also play a determining factor. You may be deferred in case you have travelled to a place where mosquito-borne infections like malaria and dengue are endemic.

9. HIV positive people cannot donate blood. In case you have engaged in "at risk" sexual activity in the past 12 months, you cannot donate blood.

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10. People who have injected recreational drugs cannot donate blood

11. After pregnancy, deferral period of blood donation lasts as many months as the pregnancy has lasted. Breastfeeding mothers must also refrain from donating blood.

This World Blood Donor Day, make more and more people aware about these blood donation guidelines and be a regular blood donor.

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