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Vegan Diet: 5 Foods That Can Aid Quick Weight Loss

Weight loss: Vegan diet has been found to aid weight loss. Cauliflower, almonds and bananas are a few of the many foods that can help you lose weight and also aid better digestion.

Vegan Diet: 5 Foods That Can Aid Quick Weight Loss

Weight loss: Vegan diet is a healthy way of living


  • Coconut oil is a vegan superfood for weight loss
  • Vegan diet excludes foods derived from animals, including dairy and eggs
  • Vegan diet can help you lose weight in a healthy manner

Vegan diet can aid weight loss. No wonder it is gaining so much popularity since the past few years. If you are a vegan, you are not going to eat or use any animal products. Vegan diet is a step ahead from vegetarian diet, as you cannot include dairy and dairy products in the former. On the face of it, vegan diet might seem too restrictive and something that is too difficult to follow. However, the diet is said to have many health benefits and weight loss is one of them.

Weight loss: Read below to know some vegan foods that can help you lose weight

1.Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglyceride (MCTs) fatty acids. These go directly to the liver from the digestive tract, converting food into energy. MCTs are fatty acids that provide you with more energy and helps you burn mroe calories. They break down easily and can be also helpful in cutting belly fat. Use coconut oil as cooking oil for effective weight loss.

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2. Cauliflower

A keto friendly vegetable, cauliflower is an amazing vegan food that can help you with your weight loss goals. You can have cauliflower rice or you can sautee it or consume it in the form of a sabzi. Cauliflower can satiate your hunger and improve digestion. This delicious vegetable feeds healthy bacteria in the gut and reduce inflammation. It is high in water content, make you feel full with consumption of a few calories, thus helping you lose weight effectively.


Cauliflower is a vegan weight loss friendly food
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3. Almonds

Nuts like almonds are rich in protein and healthy fats, are vegan, and must definitely be a part of your weight loss diet. Snacking on nuts is one of the healthiest ways to snack. Almonds are low in carbs and calories. They are rich source of Vitamin A, D and B12. Including almonds in your diet can give a boost to metabolism, help you burn more calorie and aid weight loss. What's more is that almonds contain amino acid L-arginine, which can help in burning more carbs and fats. A handful of almonds every day can take you a long way in terms of good health and healthy weight.

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4. Garlic

Garlic can rightly be termed as a superfood. It is an amazing spice which has been found to keep blood pressure under control. Garlic is vegan, and contains gingerols and shogaols that stimulate metabolism and digestion. The best way to include garlic in your diet is to add it in every meal. Add a little more than you have been adding it in terms of quantity. Garlic can prevent emotional eating as it fights against harmful chemicals that accelrate production of cortisol in the body. If your cholesterol levels are high, then garlic can help you lower cholesterol levels.

5. Bananas

Bananas are super rich in potassium and are great for keeping high blood pressure under control. A fruit that is available all around the year, bananas are rich in fibre and can help you feel full for a longer period of time. If you are facing constipation issues, then eat bananas regularly as the fibre content in the them can help in formation of the bulk of stools. Bananas are great if you have them as pre and post workout snack.

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So, what are you waiting for? If weight loss is on your mind, then these 5 vegan foods are the ones for you!

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