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Weight Loss Tips: Ways To Prevent Nutritional Deficiency On A Weight Loss Diet

Weight loss diets make you eat less. Some people significantly reduce their calorie intake to reduce weight. Without proper guidance one can suffer from nutritional deficiency. Here are some ways to avoid nutritional deficiency on a weight loss diet.

Weight Loss Tips: Ways To Prevent Nutritional Deficiency On A Weight Loss Diet

Weight loss: Before following a weight loss diet check your calorie count wisely


  • Change in eating habits can leave certain impacts on your health
  • Improved metabolism can help you lose weight effectively
  • Plan your calories throughout the day to achieve better results

A lot of people are following different fad diets for weight loss and better weight management. There are multiple diets which gained popularity in the recent times like GM diet, detox diet, keto diet, intermittent fasting and many more. While, it is not wrong to be concerned about your weight, it is often seen that people compromise with the quality of the food they consume. When thinking of any dietary changes once should also take into consideration long term health consequences as any prolonged change in the food habits directly impact the rate of metabolism. The first and foremost thing to ensure is the intake of nutritious diet and cut upon the quantity. Most people starve themselves and consume very less calories which can result to nutrition deficiency.

Consumption of a healthy diet with restricted amount of calories can result in a healthy weight loss. Do not miss the essential nutrients which are required for the body to function properly. Here are some tips which you can keep in mind for a healthy weight loss.

Things to keep in mind when adopting a weight loss diet

1. Understand your body first

Body weight, height, blood pressure, blood glucose level is to be monitored before entering a specific weight loss practice. Reason being, dietary alterations result into change in metabolism, which further affect the blood glucose level of an individual. Most importantly, calorie needs of every person is different, based on their body's vital statistics and lifestyle.


Add nutritious foods to your diet for a healthy weight loss
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2. Plan your calories well

It is necessary to maintain a journal with the total amount of calories to be consumed. When cutting upon carbohydrates, one needs to ensure that it is balanced with fats, proteins and fiber with good calorific value. This ultimate balance might be a bit difficult for vegans, but incorporation of good sources of proteins and fats would help one maintain and achieve their daily caloric goal to keep the body energized.

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3. Be mindful for the micros as well

Though these elements are found in trace quantities and hence, the name, they are highly essential for the overall function of the body. For example, if your body runs short of potassium (Hypokalemia), you start feeling nauseated, weak and calcium absorption is negatively impacted. So, it is essential that a lot of veggies and pulses are added to the diet to ensure an individual gets proper amounts of trace fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. People often calculate their macro nutrient consumption and neglect the micro-nutrients, which is not healthy.


Check the presence of every essential nutrient in your weight loss diet
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4. Incorporate food items that boost metabolism in the diet

Some common food items, like nuts, fruits, spices are known for their role in improving metabolism while providing good amounts of nutrients. Some of them are almonds, peanuts, cucumber, ginger, mint, lemon, cinnamon and many more. These are some off the products that work positively on the metabolism and hasten the fat burning effect of the body.


Weight loss tips: Better metabolism can result in effective weight loss
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Consulting a dietician for weight management is advisable, and one must not adopt any diet without complete understanding about all aspects of the practice. However, a long term weight management schedule needs to incorporate active physical work to shed the extra calories before they get stored in the body in the form of adipose tissues.

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(Dr. Charu Dua is HOD, Nutrition and Dietetics at Max Super Specialty Hospital)

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