Does Following A Healthy Lifestyle Seem Like A Far-Fetched Dream? These Tips From An Expert Can Help

Weight los: To continue following a healthy lifestyle forever, make sure you create one which you enjoy. Don't be too hard on yourself, and inculcate a little discipline and consistency. Know more here.

Does Following A Healthy Lifestyle Seem Like A Far-Fetched Dream? These Tips From An Expert Can Help

Weight loss: Set new goals to keep progressing and following a healthy lifestyle


  • Set new goals to get fitter and stronger
  • Do workouts that are managebale with your daily routine
  • Enjoy what you do and never be too hard on yourself

To follow healthy habits in the long run, you may need slightly more effort than you think. It needs some sort of discipline and a set routine which you are able to follow even when you are travelling. The need to continue with following an active and fit lifestyle and how to do it, is felt the most when you are done or almost done with a fitness challenge. Even if it is a virtual fitness challenge, one does feel as to how to continue with their lifestyle once the challenge is over.

How to follow a healthy lifestyle in the long run

Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines recently took to Instagram to share a few tips that can help her continue with healthy habits in the long run. As the six-weeks Sweat challenge is about to end, she shares that "how to continue with healthy habits" is one of the most common queries that her followers ask her.

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So here are some tips that can help you continue with an active lifestyle in the long run:

1. Set new goals

For instance, if your goal was losing weight and you have achieved that goal, then you can now look at having a toner and stronger body, lean abs, stronger lower body and so on. Also, you can set newer goals by lifting heavier weights or running for longer or at a faster pace. "If you have been doing 10 push-ups at a time, you can now aim at doing 12 push-ups at one go and progress to 20. And then set further goals and aim to achieve them before the end of the year," says Itsines.


Keep setting newer goals to continue following a healthy lifestyle
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2. Follow a good routine

The simple formula to following a healthy lifestyle in the long run is to create one which you can follow at ease, even when you are travelling or have work commitments. Take up workouts which are of a short duration and can be done any time, anywhere, without any equipment.

Install basic fitness equipment like a pair of dumbbells, and easy-to-carry equipment like resistance bands at home. Celebrity fitness trainer Vinod Channa says, "One can make no excuses when it comes to home workout."

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A number of exercises can be done at home, which includes both cardio and weight training exercises. Body weight exercises like planks and push-ups can be done at home. It takes nothing more than 20 minutes to complete a good and effective workout.

Apply the same principle with your diet routine. Practice meal prepping wherein you plan three meals for the week ahead. Set a day in a week where you can plan your meals. Do not follow fad diets or diets that are too restricting in nature. Eat foods that you have always been eating, but make healthier choice and practice portion control.

Restrict intake of alcohol or sugary treats to, say, weekends or occasions only. Remember, the key is to enjoy what you are doing. Don't be too hard on yourself and a healthy lifestyle will be easier to follow.

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