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Expert Recommends These Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Mood And Mental Health

Mental health: Simple modifications in diet and lifestyle can help boost your mood and overall mental health. Read here to know several tips from expert that might help.

Expert Recommends These Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Mood And Mental Health

A healthy diet and lifestyle can help boost physical as well as mental health


  • Boost your mental health with a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Do not ignore the symptoms of mental health disorders
  • Talk to your loved ones to share your emotions and feelings

Your lifestyle affects your overall health. Minor day to day activities like how much you move in a day leave an impact on your mental and physical health in more than one way. A sedentary lifestyle not only leads to weight gain but also leaves a negative effect on your mental health. You might be surprised to know that making simple lifestyle changes can lift your mood and help you ensure better mental health. It is essential to make dietary changes as well. Keep reading as Dr. Samant Darshi who is a Psychiatrist explains the impact of diet and lifestyle on mental health and what changes one should make.

Lifestyle changes for better mood and mental health

Dr. Darshi says, "Lifestyle factors like amount or quality of food consumed, levels of physical activity, alcohol or tobacco consumption and access to a healthy environment are intricately connected with mental health." He further tells what changes one should make to safeguard mental health-

1. Regular exercising has been associated with mental, social and medical benefits. It reduces peripheral risk factors like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease thereby acting as a protective factor against psychiatric and neurological ailments. Physical activity has preventive and therapeutic mental health benefits. It has a positive impact on brain functions as well. It improves neuroplasticity thereby enhancing learning and memory.


Exercise has a positive impact on your mood and mental health
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2. Exercise also leads to an increase in levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and other growth factors which enhance cognitive functions and shields against depression. BDNF is the same neurotrophic factor that antidepressants upregulate.

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3. The food you eat is associated with your mood, behaviour and cognition. Dietary recommendations are particularly relevant when it comes to mental health care as many dietary elements are neuroprotective.

4. Supplementation offers valuable prophylactic and therapeutic benefits for mental health. Research has suggested the importance of vitamin D, folic acid and essential omega-3 fatty acids. Supplementation might also be crucial as lower omega-3 levels in tissue are correlated with greater symptom severity in both affective disorders like depression and schizophrenia.

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5. Reduce the consumption of alcohol and quit smoking. These unhealthy habits play a significant role in deteriorating your mental health.


Reduce consumption alcohol and tobacco use for better health
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6. Today's fast-paced life also contributes to a lot of stress which is more harmful than you think. Try stress management strategies for a healthy mind and body.

7. Focus on activities you love. These will have you reduce stress and leave a relaxing effect on your brain.

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If you experience symptoms any mental health issue and are finding it hard to efficiently complete day to day tasks, do not hesitate to seek help from an expert.

(Dr. Samant Darshi is a Consultant Psychiatrist at Psymate ,Noida)

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