Weight Loss: Game-Changing Technique To Do Planks, Revealed By Kayla Itsines- Try It Now

Weight loss: Planks is a no-equipment full-body exercise that can aid weight loss, melt belly fat and strengthen your core. Learn the "game-changing" technique to do this exercise, right here.

Weight Loss: Game-Changing Technique To Do Planks, Revealed By Kayla Itsines- Try It Now

Planks can help you get rid of back pain


  • This technique for doing planks involves breathing in and out
  • It can help in engaging the core
  • It can enable you to do planks effectively

Planks are a full body exercise which offers a variety of health benefits. Weight loss, of course is one of the many reasons you should be doing planks regularly. Besides, they help you have a strong core, a strong back, glutes and much more. The trick however, is to do planks correctly. Engaging your core is one of the most important aspects of doing a plank. And even though the exercise may seem easy to do, it really isn't. Beginners may find it difficult to do the exercise for even 30 seconds. It is only with regular practice that one progresses towards doing planks for a longer period of time.

Game-changing technique to do planks correctly

If you have struggled with doing a plank properly, then here's "game-changing" plank tip. Shared by Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines, this technique is going to help in engaging your core, which is the most important factor of doing planks.

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In the IGTV, she talks about the technique, which she calls "game-changing" for doing planks.

To follow this technique, get into a planks position. Tighten your glute muscles, instructs Itsines. Try to push yourself away from the floor, as is customary in a normal plank position. At this point of time, you need to breath in through your nose and breathe out hardly. Apply a lot of force while breathing out, she asserts. As your breath out, you will see that it engages your core and tightens your stomach.

"It makes planks much more effective," says Itsines while adding that learning this technique has been very helpful in doing planks effectively.

Doing a plank properly can help in melting belly fat, improving metabolism, reducing back ache and improving body flexibility. The best part about planks is that it is a full body exercise which requires no equipment and can be done anytime, anywhere.

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