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Exercising On Keto Diet: Do's And Don'ts To Follow

Weight loss: Keto diets work for many. You get rid of the carbs and your body will take care of the rest. But exercising regularly can not only improve weight loss results, but also improve your overall health.

Exercising On Keto Diet: Do's And Don'ts To Follow

Exercising on Keto: Keto helps complete low intensity workouts for longer periods


  • Avoid activities requiring quick reflexes while on keto diet
  • Use light weights to do light muscle training
  • Try to avoid injuries as the healing time would have lengthened

Its true, exercising while on a keto diet can be extremely different from a normal workout. But, numerous athletes have adopted this diet, so we know that it is certainly possible. There are certain things you must be careful of while working out while on a keto routine. These include the fact that you may experience tiredness and the feeling of being a little lost in the early days of working out. This is primarily due to the fact that the body is adjusting to using fats as its new energy source. Additionally, high reflex exercises to begin with isn't a good idea, as your body and mind will take time to adjust to the new energy.

Exercise routines you can and should do while on a keto diet are:

1. Cycling indoors: Cycling is a great cardio exercise to get your heart pumping and to exercise while on keto. Although, we recommend that you don't do this outdoors on the road, as you may require sudden reflexes, and the body may not be fully settled with fat as the primary fuel source.

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2. Jogging: Athletes often face a dip in performance when they switch to a keto diet. The athletes with excess sugar in their system to burn, might have an advantage over keto athletes. But, on the other hand keto athletes can burn their body fat a lot quicker, ensuring longer sustenance. So, a jogging is perfectly healthy while on a keto diet.

3. Limited weight training: While your body burns fat, light weight training is a good idea to build some muscle mass as well. It is not recommended to overdo it, as heavy weights and a lot of repetitions can lead to fatigue.


Limit weight lifting when on a keto diet
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4. Swimming: Swim for short periods and do not exert yourself too much, doing so, can keep your heart pumping at a healthy rate, and limbs moving in a steady way.

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5. Other recreational sports: Low intensity sports like golf and cricket can be played with ease under a keto regime. Be careful of injuries, as tissue and muscle repair becomes a bit of a problem.

Simultaneously you must avoid the following kinds of workouts:

1. Circuit training: The circuit routines at the gym can be extremely intense and you will feel extreme fatigue, that is not going to benefit you.

2. High intensity interval training: Keto and high carb diets are supposed to have a cross relationship. Keto is better for low intensity workouts, and can help in fat burning and better endurance, while carb diets are significantly better for more intense workouts. So, a high intensity workout would not do much good.

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3. Routines you haven't done before: Trust your old and light workout routines, and don't risk injuries while on a keto diet. Try to use your muscle memory to your advantage. 

4. High intensity sport: The body isn't able to treat injuries and repair muscle and tissue damage as well as when it was on carb heavy diets. Intense sports like football, basketball, tennis are not recommended and players will often be unable to keep pace with the speed of such games.

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