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Do You Feel Hungrier In Winter? These Could Be The Possible Reasons

Winter weight gain could be primarily because one tends to feel hungrier in winter. Read here to know the possible reasons why your appetite increases in cold weather.

Do You Feel Hungrier In Winter? These Could Be The Possible Reasons

Weight gain in winter: Control your appetite in winter by eating protein and fibre rich foods


  • Fix a time for your workout and stick to it
  • Switch to home workouts in winter
  • Walk extra steps for every indulgence

Do you feel your appetite is higher in winter? Well, you are certainly not alone. When the temperature drops, your body temperature also drops. In order to feel warmer or more comfortable, one ends up craving carb-rich foods, even desserts. Sugar and starch in these foods provide your body the heat it has been longer. Also, many people tend to be comparatively less active in the cold winter months. Shorter days and colder weather reduce one's outdoor time. Outdoor physical activity tends to become impossible in places where it snows.

Other reasons why you may feel hungrier in winter

Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija shares another reason why you may feel hungrier in winter, and it is not any of the reasons listed above. In fact, feeling hungrier in winter may be because of not drinking sufficient water. "We have to stop thinking that winter increases hunger. When in fact, it only reduces thirst. We all confuse thirst for hunger. So be smart. Shift your focus to water and not food," she says in the Reel posted on Instagram.

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So apart from drinking sufficient water, you need to be physically active and focus on eating more filling and nutritious food that meet your winter nutritional requirements and help in keeping your appetite in control as well.

Here are some steps that can help in keeping your weight in control in winter:

1. Go for healthy, filling snacks

Opt for snacks that are rich in protein and fibre. These are both nutrients which are filling in nature and can keep you full for longer. Go for nuts and seeds, peanut butter, yogurt, eggs, roasted black chanas are all examples of snacks that can provide you with protein and fibre.


Go for healthy and filling snacks like nuts and seeds in winter
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2. Switch to home workouts

By switching to home workouts, there's simply no excuse that you can make for not exercising regularly. There are tons of workouts available online, which can be done anytime, anywhere, without any equipment. From cardio to body weight training, many kinds of workouts can be done at home effectively. Below is one example.

3. Look for low-calorie comfort foods

It can be cauliflower pizza base, low-fat cheese or vegetable soup, you can always get creative and look for low-calorie variants of your favourite comfort foods.

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4. Walk 5,000 steps for every indulgence

Now this is an effective way to not only increase your daily step count, but also your physical activity. So every time you go for a favourite dessert or comfort food, commit to walking 5,000 steps additional steps to burn some calories and also gaining unwanted kilos.

(Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, dietitian and author)

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