5 Minute Fat Burn: Check Out This Exercise Routine That You Can Do At Home To Stay In Shape

Weight loss: Are you looking for fat burning exercise routine? Here's a workout routine that will not take more than 5 minutes.

5 Minute Fat Burn: Check Out This Exercise Routine That You Can Do At Home To Stay In Shape

Weight loss: You can perform these exercises even on your busiest of days.


  • Working out at home can help you stay fit
  • You can start your day with exercising to stay energetic
  • Try this ultimate fat-burning routine by an expert

Are your regular chores stopping you from hitting your workout goals? Celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala now has an easy solution for those who are struggling to find time to hit the gym. In her latest Instagram post, Yasmin shared a series of workouts that can be absolutely done in five minutes. She termed it as a "5-minute fat burn" workout. Yasmin shared a video post with the caption, "Stressed working the whole day and no time to work out? No problem, I got you covered with this 5-minute Fat Burn workout routine. You just need to get up and get going to Feel the burn." She further advised the followers to do each exercise for a complete minute. One can also repeat each exercise multiple times depending on the time crunch.

Weight loss: Try this ultimate fat burning exercise routine

The 5-Minute Fat Burn Exercise Includes:

  • Squat + Alt Hammer Press
  • Front Squat + Good morning
  • Zottman Curls
  • Supine Chest Press + Bicycle
  • Lateral Lunge to Narrow Squat Jump

Watch How To Perform Each Of These Exercises:

These exercises can help you stay fit when at home. If you are exercising at home during the ongoing pandemic, here are some tips that can help you make your home-based workout effective-

Warmup and cool down properly before and after the workout respectively. It will help you reduce fatigue and muscle injury.

Create a workout space at your home. A designated space will help you avoid distractions and you will spend less time looking for things.

While working out keep distractions such as phones away. Mute those notifications and play your favourite tunes.

Put on your gym wear. You might feel lazy if you are working out in your pyjamas. So, get ready for your workout session in your fitness gears.

You can also join some online fitness class to help you exercise every day. Staying in touch with your fitness expert will also help avoid injuries.

Are you ready for a fit and fabulous week ahead?

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