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Vitamin D Requirement During Pregnancy: Benefits, Daily Requirement, Food Sources And Much More

Vitamin D is essential for several important body functions. It is essential to maintain healthy levels of each nutrient during this phase for optimal health of the child. Read here to know how much vitamin D pregnant women require.

Vitamin D Requirement During Pregnancy: Benefits, Daily Requirement, Food Sources And Much More

Vitamin D play a crucial role in building healthy bones and teeth


  • Consume a well-balanced diet during pregnancy
  • Add enough vitamin D to your daily diet
  • Take supplements if recommended by your doctor

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin is required by the body to fulfil several processes. It plays a major role in building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth by supporting the absorption of calcium from the diet consumed. This vitamin also supports your immune system, heart health and mental health. Your body is capable of producing vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. During pregnancy, it is essential to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D in the body. It is essential for the expecting mother as well as the unborn child for healthy development. In this article, here's everything you need to know about vitamin D requirements during pregnancy.

Vitamin D requirement in pregnancy

A pregnant woman should consume a healthy well-balanced diet which can help ensure the intake of all essential nutrients. Moms-to-be are required to consume extra calories for the growing baby. Enough quantity of vitamin D is also essential during pregnancy. According to WHO, vitamin D deficiency is thought to be common among pregnant women in some populations, and has been found to be associated with an increased risk of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes mellitus, preterm birth, and other tissue-specific conditions.

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Consume a well-balanced diet to avoid vitamin D deficiency
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Vitamin D requirement for pregnant women

According to the National Institutes of Health, pregnant and breastfeeding women require 15 micrograms in a day. If your levels are too low, you may require supplements. But do not take supplements without your doctor's consultations.

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Food sources of vitamin D

Sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D. But too much exposure is not safe for your skin. Some of the food sources of vitamin D are egg yolk, fortified products, cod liver oil and fatty fishes.

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