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Craving For Ice Cream Already? Try This Sugar-Free Banana Ice Cream At Home

Banana ice cream: This summer switch to this healthy home-made ice cream. Read here to know how you can prepare this.

Craving For Ice Cream Already? Try This Sugar-Free Banana Ice Cream At Home

Summer diet: Prepare this sugar-free banana ice cream for a refreshing treat this summer


  • You can easily prepare ice creams at home with the goodness of fruits
  • Add natural sweeteners like dates, maple syrup etc.
  • This healthy version can also help you beat sugar cravings

With the temperature increasing each day, you might be craving for cooling foods. One of the popular choices is ice creams. But most of the ready to eat ice creams are loaded with calories as these are high in sugar. Not just sugar but added colours and preservatives too. If you want to avoid these unnecessary calories, homemade ice creams should be your choice. Recently, nutritionist Pooja Makhija took to Instagram to share a simple recipe to a homemade healthy ice cream. You can prepare it with some simple ingredients in no time. It is also sugar-free, making it perfect for those trying to maintain a healthy weight. Let's peak into this healthy ice cream recipe.

Banana ice cream for summer


  • Frozen banana
  • Dates
  • Frozen coconut yogurt
  • Vanilla extract

Dates are natural sweeteners that you can add to foods and drinks
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How to make

  • Blend all the ingredients
  • Freeze for two hours with straw to create a tunnel effect
  • Melt some dark chocolate to fill the tunnel and add a thin layer on the top
  • Freeze for another two hours or overnight and enjoy!

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Banana is a common summer fruit that can help in maintaining a healthy weight. It is loaded with fibre that can keep you full for longer. You can add this potassium-rich fruits to shakes, smoothies, cakes and whatnot.

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Banana and dates together, will add the sweet taste to your ice cream. Dates are often used as natural sweeteners. You can replace sugar with dates in several foods and drinks to lower the overall calorie count. Adding dark chocolate will that extra taste to it.

So, enjoy this tasty treat this summer guilt-free!

(Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, dietitian and author)

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