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Our Nutritionist Suggests These Healthy Breakfast Options For Kids: Don't Miss These

A healthy breakfast can help you receive multiple nutrients. For kids you need to prepare something interesting to make them eat. Here are some healthy and interesting breakfast ideas for kids straight from nutritionist

Our Nutritionist Suggests These Healthy Breakfast Options For Kids: Don't Miss These

Eating a healthy breakfast ensures optimum energy levels


  • Consume a healthy and filling breakfast to prevent overeating
  • Kids should ensure optimum intake of nutrients
  • Give a twist to recipes which kids can enjoy

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is also advised to eat a healthy breakfast. But most kids are picky eaters which makes it difficult for the mother to ensure that the kids are receiving enough nutrients. Kids often consume sugar-loaded cookies or packed snacks with milk for breakfast. But this makes their very first meal of the unhealthy. To tell you some interesting breakfast ideas, we spoke to Upasana Sharma who is a nutritionist at Max Hospital. Keep reading to know why breakfast is an important meal and some healthy ideas which your kids will definitely love.

Upasana Sharma explains, "As the name suggests, breakfast means to break the fast that is breaking the overnight fasting. There is a minimum gap of 10-12 hours between dinner and breakfast, hence it is considered as the most important meal of the day. In order to be energetic and productive in your daily routine tasks, breakfast can help replenish essential nutrients. For good concentration levels, breakfast should be nutritious and quantity should be optimal."


It is important to consume a healthy breakfast
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Healthy breakfast options for kids

One must focus on choosing healthy options which include protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals rather than having deep-fried or high-calorie foods. Protein and fibre give satiety, keeping fuller for long and thereby avoiding cravings and overeating. Vitamin and minerals are an essential part of nutrition as they help you grow and stay healthy by aiding important body functions.


Give a twist to simple recipes to make them attractive for kids

She further shares some healthy breakfast options to boost up metabolism and immunity. The dishes must be attractive and presented well, as kids are fussy eaters.

1) Channa dal idli in which you can add some modifications like give them a Chinese twist by preparing a Chinese dip or sauce with them.

2) Ragi and jaggery cheela with sesame seeds

3) A burger with rajma patty and curd based dip

4) Puree of beetroot/ spinach can be used along with pureed boiled Kala channa to make colour pancakes

5) Soya granules poha (replace rice flakes with boiled soya granules rest of the recipe remains same)

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Colourful vegetable purees can be added to hummus to make attractive dips.

(Upasana Sharma, Nutritionist, Max Hospital, Gurgaon)

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