Oil Pulling Health Benefits: Here's Why You Should Swish And Spit With Coconut/Sesame Oil Every Morning

Oil pulling is an ancient method extremely beneficial to your dental health. It can also offer several other benefits to your body. Keep reading as nutritionist Lovneet Batra tells all about oil pulling.

Oil Pulling Health Benefits: Here's Why You Should Swish And Spit With Coconut/Sesame Oil Every Morning

Oil pulling helps kill bad bacteria and eliminates bad breath


  • Oil pulling helps in eliminating germs from your oral cavity
  • Oil pulling also promotes gut health
  • It also helps reduces dental inflammation

A healthy morning routine has a strong impact on your overall health. Starting your day on a healthy note gives the right start to your morning. Your dental regimen is an important part of the morning schedule. Another healthy practice that you could add to your morning routine is oil pulling. You might have heard about this popular practice many times. But not many are aware of the impressive health benefits it can offer. Also, you need to choose the right oil to perform oil pulling. It is beneficial to your oral health and can offer many other benefits to your body. Here are all the details you need to know about oil pulling.

Oil pulling health benefits: Know how to perform this and when

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra recently took to Instagram and shared the health benefits of this routine. As a part of her IGTV series '21 health swaps for healthy 2021', the nutritionist shared the benefits of swapping regular mouthwash with oil pulling. "As soon as you wake up there is a sudden urge to clean your oral cavities. You can make a change in your swish and spit routine. Replace your regular mouthwash with oil pulling," Batra tells.

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How to do oil pulling?

You can use cold-pressed coconut oil or sesame oil. "Take a capful (10 ml) of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil or sesame oil and before you have brushed or drunk water, just swish this in your mouth for about 15-20 mins. Swish and spit into your trash can because your sink can get clogged because of the oil," Batra writes in her post.


Try oil pulling with cold pressed coconut or sesame oil
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Health benefits of oil puling

Oil pulling works wonder for your dental health. It helps kill the bad bacteria in the mouth. Practising this daily can help prevent cavities and bad breath.

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"Now mouthwashes are great but did you know the antiseptic properties not only kill dysbiosis causing bacteria but also the good bacteria in your gut. Once the good bacteria are out, gut health suffers and the bad breath problem you are trying to solve really doesn't go away," Batra explains in her post.

Another known benefit of this routine is that it helps balance your hormones and whitens your teeth and prevents dental inflammation.


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"This routine helps take care of 'literally swishing' harmful bacteria from your mouth, out of the body when you spit the concoction. Oil pulling is an effective and very safe way to pull out the bad ones without harming the good ones," she sumps up.

(Lovneet Batra is a Delhi-based Nutritionist)

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