Nausea, Bloating, Acidity: Here's How Jal Jeera Is A One Stop Solution For These Problems

You can prepare jal jeera at home with all natural ingredients to get rid of digestive issues. Read on to know how.

Nausea, Bloating, Acidity: Here's How Jal Jeera Is A One Stop Solution For These Problems

Jal Jeera can help you improve digestion and reduce bloating


  • Jal jeera is a traditional Indian drink with a unique taste
  • Jal jeera can be prepared at home with all natural ingredients
  • You can add jal jeera to your diet for better digestion

We remember how as kids, we used to rave about tiny packets of jal jeera powder. But we were too patient to pour it into the water, mix it and drink it. Most often we just licked the powder away from our palms with guilty pleasure. But jal jeera is more than a remnant of childhood memories. When prepared at home with fresh ingredients, it can be one of the best traditional beverages to include in our diet. Life coach Luke Coutinho is stressing just this point in a recent video on Instagram. According to him, jal jeera is a "great Indian coolant and digestion enhancer."

Jal Jeera: The many benefits of this desi drink

Luke explained the many benefits of this simple beverage. Apart from cooling off excess body temperature, it is very helpful in reducing bloating. The drink helps regulate acidity and digestion too. But the benefits go beyond the digestive system. Its ingredients can help with problems of nausea, mouth sores and excess mucus. The jeera in the drink can help in conditions of anaemia. What's more, if our taste buds have lost sensitivity because of medications or treatments, jal jeera can help bring back the flavours to the mouth. 


Jal jeera can help you stay cool in summer
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So how do we make this healthy and refreshing drink in our homes? Luke's video shows us the way. Here are the ingredients we'll need: mint leaves, ginger, jaggery, lime juice, black pepper, rock salt, fennel seeds and roasted cumin powder. Now, the steps to follow are very simple. 

1. Grind all the ingredients. Make sure they've blended well.

2. Strain the blended mix.

3. Add 3-4 cups of water and mix it well.

4. Serve it chilled or have it at room temperature.

However, we should not expect this drink to magically drive away all our health problems in one go. Luke wrote in the caption, "This traditional and simple beverage helps manage all of (those problems), but of course along with necessary lifestyle changes."

Also, it's recommended that we note what ingredients suit us and what don't before adding to the mixture. 

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Here's Luke's video:

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That's how to make a healthy glass of jal jeera. Now that we know why we should drink and how to reap its benefits, let's make a glass for ourselves.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine)

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