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National Nutrition Week: Here Are Some Healthy Breakfast Options That Your Kids Will Love

National Nutrition Week 2021: Nutrition Pooja Makhija talks about the importance of a nourishing diet and how it can help in the growth of the kids, both physically and mentally.

National Nutrition Week: Here Are Some Healthy Breakfast Options That Your Kids Will Love

A healthy and nourishing breakfast keeps you energetic


  • Skipping breakfast can make kids forgetful
  • Breakfast nourishes the brain and the body
  • Dosa, eggs and pancakes are some options you can try

The benefits of breakfast are many, but when it comes to making kids at home have their breakfast and also relish the whole dish, it becomes an increasingly difficult task. But, without a proper breakfast dish, the kids become grumpy and it eventually affects their attention level, hampering their studies. As the online class culture has taken over the world due to the pandemic, kids do not get to have the kind of physical exercise that they had before. Skipping meals with limited physical exercise, further leads to weight gain. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija, as one of her nutrition-based Instagram series for National Nutrition Week, released a new video in which she talks about the importance of having breakfast and some options you must try.

Healthy breakfast: Prepare these tasty options for your kids

The nutritionist mentions that skipping breakfast can make kids grumpy and forgetful, affecting their studies. She also shared a list of breakfast item options, which besides being high in nutrients required by the body in abundance, are lip-smacking too.

1. Dal Dosa with coconut chutney 

Dal dosa, made with five different types of dal is the ultimate lip-smacking nutritional breakfast for your kid. With the goodness of coconut and moong dal as the siding, it will make your kid never want to skip breakfast.

2. Omlette, boiled egg sandwich 

Eggs provide the necessary proteins for the body and when it's tossed in vegetables, it makes it tastier, healthier and filled with goodness. From types of omelettes to sandwiches, you can make a variety of dishes.


Healthy breakfast: You can make a protein-rick breakfast with eggs
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3. Pancakes 

They are tasty and a child's favourite. You can make pancakes with natural sugar and oatmeal. Also, do not forget to add seasonal fruit on the top while serving.

4. Dal Aloo Parantha 

Potato provides the necessary carbohydrates for the body, while the dal adds to the proteins. With a dollop of butter on top, this dish makes for a treat for the taste buds. 

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5. Milk and seed nuts granola 

Pooja shared an Instagram reel a few days back citing the goodness of this recipe. You can find it here

6. Almond butter toast with banana 

Almonds are a rich way of providing the necessary nutrients for the body. Made and mixed in butter, it can be a healthy snack, smeared in toast and paired with bananas. 

7. Idli sambar, poha or upma 

South Indian breakfast hardly use oil in their cooking, are healthy in protein and heavy on the stomach. Prepare these dishes at home and watch your kid go at them with a smile. 

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The national nutrition week started on September 1 and will go on till September 7. The week is focused on the importance of a wholesome balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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