Menopause Symptoms: Luke Coutinho Suggests 10 Ways To Make Menopause Easy For You

Menopause symptoms: For some women, menopause can be more difficult than usual. Here are a few lifestyle-related tips that can ease your way into menopause and reduce menopause symptoms.

Menopause Symptoms: Luke Coutinho Suggests 10 Ways To Make Menopause Easy For You

Menopause symptoms: Having less body fat can reduce hot flashes and night sweats


  • Accept menopause and know that it is inevitable
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle for a smooth menopause
  • Take less stress to make menopause easy for you

Menopause occurs when a woman has not menstruated in 12 consecutive months and can no longer get pregnant. It usually begins around the ages 45 to 55. But it can develop before and after this age range too. Menopause is an uncomfortable phase for women. It causes symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, a low sex drive and weight gain. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho in one his recent live sessions on Facebook talks about ways to reduce menopause symptoms and how to make this difficult phase of life easier for women.

Menopause: How to reduce menopause symptoms?

Just like puberty, menopause is a also a phase which is characterised by hormonal changes. There is a drop in oesterogen in women going through menopause. Keep reading to know how to ease yourself into menopause.

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1. Be prepare yourself to accept menopause and that it is an inevitable phase.

2. Take action and don't look at it with fear.

3. Take less stress. The more stressed you are the more difficult menopause is going to be for you, informs Luke. Change your attitude towards stress and try to not react to every stressful situation that you come across. Try yoga, meditation, exercise regularly and take up stress-management activities in order to ease yourself into menopause.


Take less stress to ease yourself into menopause
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4. Women who have more body fat tend to experience more hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, vaginal dryness, etc. Thus, maintaining a healthy weight is important to have a smoother menopause. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, do not consume junk, fried and processed food, quit smoking and alcohol to have a healthier menopause. Work towards reducing your fat percentage to experience fewer menopause symptoms. Inch loss may signal a reduction in body fat.

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5. Take care of Vitamin D3 and calcium levels. Vitamin D3 is a precursor to your hormonal health. Deficiency of Vitamin D3 means poor hormonal balance, low energy levels and weak bones. Women in their menopausal age should get their Vitamin D3 and calcium checked regularly. Consumption of a healthy and balanced diet can ensure healthy levels of Vitamin D3 and calcium in the body. Exposure to sunlight can synthesise Vitamin D in the body.


6. For women who experience severe menopausal symptoms, cutting down alcohol, caffeine and sugar can help.

7. Exercise and yoga should be a part of your lifestyle if you have a difficult menopause. Meditation, pranayama and deep breathing exercises can help in restoring hormonal balance in the body.


Exercise regularly for a smooth menopause
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8. Phytoestrogens is a food group which includes soy and soy products, beans, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, tempeh, oats and barley to name a few. All these foods are great for women going through menopause and a dip in their oestrogen levels. Include these foods in your daily diet to experience smooth menopause.

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9. Keep yourself well hydrated and drink sufficient water throughout the day.

10. Get a good night's sleep as a lot of hormonal balance occurs when you sleep.

Luke also suggests that talking less about menopause can be helpful. The idea is to work towards calming yourself down and accepting that improving lifestyle and mental well-being are the only effective ways to ease yourself into it.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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