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Menopause Awareness Month: Is Menopause Causing Bone Loss And Your Skin To Sag? Find Out

Fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala and Dr Ranjana Dhanu answers common questions on menopause.

Menopause Awareness Month: Is Menopause Causing Bone Loss And Your Skin To Sag? Find Out

A healthy diet and lifestyle can help you effectively deal with menopause symptoms

October is observed as Menopause Awareness month all across the globe. Menopause marks the end of monthly period of a woman. To help women manage menopause very well it is important to discuss the causes, symptoms and effect of this natural phenomenon. Fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala recognised the need to talk about menopause. So she sat for a conversation with Dr Ranjana Dhanu, a gynecologist. Dr Ranjana talked about the causes of menopause and the different symptoms and problems associated with menopause. In simple terms, menopause occurs when ovaries stop functioning. Hence, menses stop forever. The hormones released by the ovaries also stop being produced.

All about menopause you need to know

How to detect menopause?

Menopause can be detected through a blood test. If the results show the level of Follicle Stimulating Hormone to be higher than 20, menopause has occurred.

When can one expect it?

Usually, women in the age group 41-53 years face menopause. However, today the age cap seems to be increasing with a better lifestyle, said Dr Ranjana.

What are the early symptoms of menopause?

Menopause is characterised by a deficiency in a hormone called estrogen. The change in hormonal levels affects the thermoregulatory system situated in the brain. The system goes haywire and the body temperature starts fluctuating often. Hence, women going through menopause often face hot flashes. Fluctuations in other hormones cause mood swings. The condition also witnesses maldistribution of fat that leads to obesity around the belly. Lack of collagen and estrogen can also lead to sagging of the uterus or leakage of urine with the slightest of triggers.

What are some delayed effects of menopause?

According to Dr Ranjana, the delayed effects of menopause can become as dangerous as Alzheimer's disease. Menopause can also lead to cardiovascular complications and bone loss or osteoporosis. However, Indian cuisine, which is rich in turmeric and asafoetida, often helps to reduce these problems as compared to Western countries.

What are the cosmetic effects of menopause?

Wrinkle and sagging of skin are the usually visible effects. These can be treated through facial exercises or yoga, a good diet, antioxidants, cosmetologists' opinions. Pilates is needed for core strengthening. Exposure to sunlight and calcium supplements are also important.

How to treat it?

Dr Ranjana said that treatment depends on the symptoms showcased by every individual. To deal with hormonal levels, hormone mimetic drugs can be used that mimic estrogen but do not harm the uterus or breasts and are non-cancerous.

What is premature menopause?

When menopause occurs before 40 years of age, it is called premature. It is due to premature ovarian failure. Some of the women have it in their teens. This can be due to lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol, substance, sleep deprivation. Surgical history on the ovaries can also be a reason. This may also be genetic. However, hysterectomy doe not cause premature menopause.

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Follow these tips and talk to your health expert to manage menopause symptoms.

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