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Know How Walnuts Are Good For Your Child's Brain: Expert Explains This And Other Health Benefits

Walnuts are loaded with multiple health benefits. Just like adults, walnuts are beneficial for your child too. It may play a role in your child's brain development. Read here to know some expert insights on benefits of walnuts for your child.

Know How Walnuts Are Good For Your Child's Brain: Expert Explains This And Other Health Benefits

Walnuts are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids


  • Walnuts are a good source of plant based omega-3 fatty acids
  • walnuts are beneficial for your kids too
  • You should add nuts to your kids' diet

Nuts are loaded with multiple nutrients. A handful of nuts are a perfect healthy evening snack that is weight loss friendly too. Similarly, walnut is one of the healthiest nuts to choose from. It is a well-known source of omega-3 fatty acids for vegetarians. This nut is also loaded with antioxidants. It is advised to consume walnuts regularly for a healthy heart. Just like adults, walnuts are healthy for your kids too. But what are the benefits this nut can offer to your kids? How to add these to your kids' diet? We have got all these questions covered in this article as nutritionist Priyanka Agarwal answers these. Read on to know her expertise on the same.

Walnuts for kids: Know the benefits

"Walnuts contain folate as well as omega-3. Both these nutrients primarily help in the development of the child's brain. These improve brain power by increasing memory and boosting brain cell activity. Walnuts are a good source of vitamin B1 and B6 as well. These are essential for brain tissue development and promote kids' nerve health," explains Ms. Agarwal.

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Other benefits of walnuts for kids

1. Walnuts should be a part of kids' diet as walnuts are nutrient-dense nuts. These are rich in unsaturated fat and other bioactive compounds, high-quality vegetable protein, fibre and compounds like tocopherols, phytosterols and phenolic compounds.


Walnuts are loaded with nutrients that can help in your child's development
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2. Walnuts are also packed with essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, folate, calcium, zinc and selenium. These are much required for optimal growth of the child. Calcium strengthens his bones, while iron manages the levels of haemoglobin.

3. Walnuts exhibit strong antioxidant properties that help the kids' body get rid of toxic substances.

4. As now-a-days childhood obesity is a major concern. Walnuts can help the kids maintain healthy body weight if taken in proper quantity.

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You can add walnuts to your kids' diet in several ways
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How to add walnuts to your kids' diet?

If your child does not like walnut then it can be added in pudding, ice creams and cakes. These can be added to salads and cereals also.

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(Priyanka Agarwal, Department of Dietetics & Nutrition, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali and Max Multi Speciality Centre, Noida)

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