Janmashtami 2018: Here's What And How You Should Eat On Janmashtami

Janmashtami fast: If you are planning to fast on this auspicious Hindu festival( 3rd September), then you should follow some health tips while fasting. For instance, drinking lots of water and fruit juices will be beneficial for your health.

Janmashtami 2018: Here's What And How You Should Eat On Janmashtami

Janmshtami 2018: Start eating healthy foods the day before fasting


  1. Janmashtami festival marks the birth of Lord Krishna
  2. Drinking lots of water while fasting will be beneficial
  3. Eat filling fruits like banana with a glass of milk

Janmashtami festival is just round the corner. This year the Janmashtami festival falls on 3rd September.The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated annually which marks the birth of deity Lord Krishna who is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the eighth "Avatar" of Lord Vishnu. The Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with great ecstasy and joy all across the country. It is an occasion to celebrate the rich persona of Lord Krishna who took birth to dissipate evil and spread the message of love and unity. Janmashtami celebrations reach their height in cities like Mathura, Gokul, and Vrindavan. The elaborate celebrations continue the whole day which include the performance of "Rasa Lila", decorating "Jhakis", fasting, singing devotional songs, "Jagran", playing "Dahi Handi" and distribution of gifts.

If you are planning to keep a Janmashtami fast on this auspicious Hindu festival, then you should follow some health tips while fasting. For instance, drinking lots of water and fruit juices will be beneficial for your health. It keeps the body hydrated and prevents you from feeling lazy.

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Have a look at some healthy tips for Janmashtami fasting:

1. Eat healthy the day before: In case you are fasting this Janmashtami, you must start eating healthy foods the day prior. It will help you have a healthy digestive system on the day you are fasting. Eating foods that are spicy or oily can lead to gastric or acidity problems on the day you keep Janmashtami fast.

2. Water: You should drink lots of water on the day you fast. If you are not allowed to drink water after sunset, make sure you drink enough water the whole day. Water helps in boosting up the body's metabolism and keeps you hydrated throughout the day. Also, water helps to keep your stomach full and neutralize all the acids. Therefore, it is essential to drink at least 5-6 liters of water if you are fasting this Janmashtami.

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Keep yourself hydrated the whole day.
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3. Eating fruits: This health tip will be really beneficial if you are allowed to eat fruits while fasting for Janmashtami. Eating fruits like water melons or musk melons which have high water content will keep you energetic all day long. Fruits provide the nutrients and vitamins that are essential for the body. Eat filling fruits like banana or mango with a glass of milk. You can even try a healthy smoothie with milk and the fruits you like. It will help you feel full for longer and active.


You should eat a lot of fruits if you are keeping a Janmashtami fast.
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4. Do not feast: When you break your fast, you tend to stuff yourself with heavy meals. But feasting by simply overloading your plate will only lead to health problems like indigestion and weight gain. You should avoid heavy or oily foods when you break your Janmashtami fast.

5. Avoid fried food: When you break your Janmashtami fast, dishes like pakoras, potato chips and samosas and heavy sweets are prepared. Instead you should opt for healthy cooking options like baking or roasting.Deep fried foods can lead to stomach problems like acidity and gas.


On this Janmshtami avoid oily food as much as you can.
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Hope you all enjoy this festival!

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