Hooked On Your Phone? Try These 2 Easy Exercises To Relive Neck Pain And Tension

Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho suggests these 2 exercises to relieve neck pain caused by the overuse of mobile phones.

Hooked On Your Phone? Try These 2 Easy Exercises To Relive Neck Pain And Tension

Using phone and other gadgets continuously can leas to pain in neck, back and shoulders

The use of mobile phones has drastically increased and, with it, health problems such as neck pain. Staring down at mobile phones constantly for long hours daily puts pressure on the front and back of the neck, which causes tightness. Soon, you can feel a tinge of pain creeping up the neck and upper back. When it happens regularly, it can increase the risk of disc bulge spondylitis, and other pain related to the neck, shoulder, and upper back. To relieve such pain and to strengthen the neck muscles, lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho shared two simple exercises.

Neck pain and stiffness: Try these simple exercises for relief

In a video on Facebook, Luke says that when you keep your neck in the downward position continuously for hours, you may experience inflammation. Luke adds that the neck is not naturally designed to be kept in that position. You can move the neck up, down, sideways. But if it's kept in one position for too long, it leads to stiffness, low blood pressure, cramps, muscle spasms, etc

Luke demonstrates 2 two simple exercises to strengthen the neck. However, he cautions those with severe spondylitis to consult the doctor before performing any exercise.

Exercise 1

Put your left hand on your right shoulder (just make sure when you do this stretch, your left shoulder doesn't pop up). Next, move your head towards the right shoulder and hold that for a bit. Move your ears towards the right shoulder. Make sure the right shoulder doesn't move up either. Hold for 10-15 counts.

Now, do the same on the other side. Put your right hand on your left shoulder and move your ears towards the left shoulder. Hold it for 10-15 counts and relax.

Don't push much as you may sprain your neck while overdoing the exercise. Do it gently once or twice.

Exercise 2

Clasp your hands behind your neck (very gently). Tilt your chin up a little bit and try driving your elbows at the back. You'll feel the stretch across your biceps, shoulders, your upper back and your chest. Hold this for about 10 counts and then relax. Do this gently; you can hurt yourself if you do it fast. You can do this twice.

Here's Luke Coutinho's video:

Luke further says that one of the best tests to see if you are messing up with your neck is by tilting the head gently backward (as far as you can go), and if you feel like pins and needles inside your neck, know that your neck muscles and nerves are tight.

Though you may not be able to completely eliminate looking down at your phone, these 2 exercises can help relieve some of the pain and tension caused on the neck.