Here Are Signs The Keto Diet Is Not Fit For You

Here's everything you need to know if you are planning to or are following a keto diet.

Here Are Signs The Keto Diet Is Not Fit For You

Keto diet is an extremely restrictive diet and may not be fit for everyone

The keto diet has emerged as one of the most popular and widely practiced diet regimes to help us lose weight. The main focus of the diet is to consume protein and fat-rich foods and avoid consuming carbs. Like many other diets, the ketogenic diet may be considered a more restricted kind of diet.

If you consume less than 50 grams of carbohydrates each day, your body eventually runs out of quick-acting fuel (blood sugar). Usually, this takes three to four days. After that, you'll begin converting protein and fat into energy, which may cause you to lose weight. This process refers to ketosis.

However, studies have proven that the keto diet is only a temporary fix to losing weight and must not be practiced as a way of life. The ketogenic diet must not be equated to a well-balanced diet. This restrictive diet may also not be fit for everyone due to its conforming to diet ideals. In this article, we list conditions under which the keto diet may not be fit for you.

Reasons the keto diet is just not for you:

1. The diet affects your relationship with food

The first step toward successful dieting is a healthy relationship with food. If you don't enjoy the food you are consuming it may not be able to benefit you properly.

2. You are eating too many cheat meals

Cheat meals during restrictive diets is okay. However, too many cheat meals can significantly lower the effectiveness of the diet. Too many cheat meals may also be a sign you are not fit for such a restrictive diet.

3. You feel sick

Although certain symptoms are normal to the keto diet. Continuation of symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, lethargy, etc. might mean the keto diet is not for you.

4. Irregularity is periods

The keto diet may cause irregularity in our menstrual cycles. This irregularity may even result in missed periods both of which are extremely bad for our bodies.

5. You are not losing enough weight

The keto diet is mentally straining and may cause various physical issues. A combination of both may not be the right thing for you if you are also not experiencing significant weight loss.

Besides these reasons, there are various health conditions under which the keto diet may not be as beneficial as one may think. Here is a list of conditions under which the keto diet may not be recommended:

  1. Pregnant women must not opt for a keto diet as it might deprive them of the nutrients they require for a healthy pregnancy
  2. People with eating disorders must completely avoid restrictive diets as they can further worsen their health.
  3. People that have hypothyroidism must not follow the keto diet as it may affect their hormone levels adversely.
  4. Athletes must also avoid this diet as they often perform better with glucose consumption which is received through a carb-rich diet.
  5. Children and teens must not follow a keto diet as it might deprive them of various nutrients that help in the development of their bodies and minds.
  6. People with sensitive and chronic digestive system issues must avoid such restrictive diets.

In conclusion, our food is our fuel. It is important to understand our bodies' needs even if you wish to lose weight and want to go on a diet. It is ideal to look for early signs that the keto diet is not fit for you. Besides the conditions listed above, it is always beneficial to talk to a doctor or health professional before opting for any restrictive diet.

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