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Got Acidity? Try Sitaphal - Health Benefits Of This Superfruit Other Than Weight Loss

Sitaphal health benefits: Did you know that the fruit can help you get rid of acidity and also aid weight loss? Read here to know interesting ideas to include it in your diet. Also know why Rujuta Diwekar suggests eating it regularly and how it can help you with weight loss.

Got Acidity? Try Sitaphal - Health Benefits Of This Superfruit Other Than Weight Loss

Sitaphal can help in healing ulcers and preventing acidity


  • Sitaphal can improve eye health and brain health
  • Health benefits of sitaphal: The fruit is a rich source of dietary fibre
  • Sitaphal is rich in potassium

Sitaphal health benefits: Sitaphal or custard apple is a fruit from Annona Squamosa tree, which is native in tropical American countries and in West Indies. Custard apple is commonly referred to as sitaphal in India. The fruit is known to be a storehouse of important vitamins and minerals that play a crucial role in various body functions. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnesium and copper. Highlighting and elaborating on health benefits of sitaphal is nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar on social media. Read below to know why recommends including this fruit in your diet.

Sitaphal health benefits: Rujuta Diwekar lists the following benefits of custard apple

  • For starters, sitaphal can help in healing ulcers and prevent acidity.
  • The fruit contains micronutrients that can help you have a smooth skin tone.
  • It can improve both eye health and brain health, informs Rujuta.
  • Iron content in sitaphal makes the fruit beneficial for improving haemoglobin. "Sitaphal has has bioactive molecules that display anti-obeseogenic, anti-diabetes and anti-cancer properties," she writes in her post.


Sitaphal has anti-diabetes properties
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Other health benefits of sitaphal

1. Custard apple or sitaphal is a rich source of fibre. If you are aspiring to achieve sustainable weight loss, then sitaphal is the fruit for you. However, the fruit is dense in calories practicing portion control is a must when having it.

2. Fibre content in sitaphal can keep constipation at bay.

3. Iron content in sitaphal can prevent iron deficiency and anemia.

4. Sitaphal contains potassium, which makes the fruit great for high blood pressure patients. Potassium negates the effect of sodium. High sodium levels can be dangerous for people with high blood pressure.


Potassium-rich sitaphal can help in controlling your blood pressure
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5. Sitaphal also contains traces of magnesium, another important mineral for high blood pressure patients.

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How to include sitaphal in your diet?

  • How you are supposed to eat it, you might wonder. Rujuta says, "Enjoy it, eat with your hands, lick your fingers and don't wait until it is declared as the super fruit of the 21st century." Here other ideas to include this fruit in your diet.
  • One of the easiest ways to eat custard apple is to cut into half. You can also pull it apart with your hands and use a spoon to scoop out the flesh and eat it.
  • You can also add lime juice to the fruit for some additional tangy flavour.
  • You can chop the fruit and eat in combination with other fruits as a fruit salad.

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