Good Cholesterol: Why You Need It & How To Increase It

Here are simple ways through which you can increase your body's levels of good cholesterol.

Good Cholesterol: Why You Need It & How To Increase It

Nuts are a great source of good cholesterol (HDL)

What is good cholesterol?

Cholesterol is often used as a negative term. However, many may not be aware that cholesterol is healthy as well as integral for the body to have. Cholesterol is a component the body requires to produce hormones and synthesise nutrients. Cholesterol also aids digestion.

Cholesterol is produced by our bodies in our liver. Cholesterol is also available and procured from the food we eat. In this article, we will also discuss if foods are rich in good cholesterol or bad cholesterol.

Good cholesterol is the kind of cholesterol that aids various functions in the body. Good cholesterol is also known as HDL. HDL stands for high-density lipoprotein. Good cholesterol is produced by the body and can also be acquired from certain foods.

Why should we increase good cholesterol?

There are various reasons why you must add more good cholesterol-rich foods to your diet. Good cholesterol not only aids various functions in the body but might also improve body functions. Eating foods rich in good cholesterol can also help reduce pre-existing bad cholesterol in the body.

How can we increase good cholesterol in the body?

Here are some lifestyle changes that can help promote better absorption and consumption of HDL in the body:

1. Cutdown high-LDL foods

LDL stands for low-density lipoprotein which is another name for bad cholesterol. Eating foods rich in bad cholesterol may reduce your consumption of healthy good-cholesterol foods. Eating fried and junk foods can increase your LDL.

2. Add HDL-rich foods to your diet

This is an obvious solution to increasing good cholesterol. Eating foods rich in good cholesterol can help improve levels of HDL in the body and will help reduce levels of LDL in the body. Some common sources of good cholesterol are avocados, seeds, nuts, soybean products, olive oil, etc.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly significantly improves your body's ability to perform its functions. Exercising can also help remove bad cholesterol build-up. This LDL build-up may be fat deposits located inside our arteries. This build-up can restrict blood flow and cause chronic cardiovascular diseases.

4. Maintain a healthy weight

Being obese can obstruct the proper flow of blood through our arteries. This may worsen the effects of fat build-up caused by high bad cholesterol in the body. You can maintain a healthy weight by eating healthy food and exercising regularly.

5. Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol in moderation may not [pose threat to your HDL and LDL levels. In fact, certain levels of alcohol in your diet may even increase HDL levels. However, drinking alcohol has various negative effects on our bodies. It is ideal to consume other HDL-rich foods to increase good cholesterol.

6. Quit smoking

Tobacco has proven to cause irreversible damage to various parts of our bodies. Unlike unhealthy foods that increase LDL, smoking may reduce the absorption of good cholesterol in the body. Smoking may also increase your risk of various other cardiovascular diseases.

In conclusion, you need to take conscious steps towards improving the levels of good cholesterol in your body. There are various factors that influence and alter the levels of good and bad cholesterol in our bodies. It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain good cholesterol levels and overall health.

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