This Article is From Jun 30, 2022

Find Cooking Healthy Food Exhausting? 10 Ways To Make Healthy Eating Easy

Following a healthy diet can be exhausting from all the preparation and restrictions. Here are 10 tips that will make eating healthily easier.

Find Cooking Healthy Food Exhausting? 10 Ways To Make Healthy Eating Easy

Yogurt with some berries and seeds as garnish is an easy and way healthier alternative to ice cream

Have you ever wondered why you always end up eating junk or going for unhealthy food options? We might know the answer. One of the main reasons we end up eating unhealthy food is because it is often considered ‘easier'.

Heating up a ready-to-eat is easier than cooking a meal from scratch even though it may be alarmingly unhealthy. In this article, we discuss some easy-to-follow ways through which you can increase your intake of healthy food without it being exhausting.

10 ways to make healthy eating easy:

Garnish with seeds

Seeds such as chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and so on are packed with nutrients. Adding them as a garnish to fruit bowls, salads, food bowls, and so on can boost your meal's nutritional value significantly. They also have a long shelf life which makes them a convenient addition to your diet.

Add nuts to your food

Nuts, similar to seeds are a great way to instantly increase your meal's nutritional value. They also have a long shelf life which makes them an effortless and healthy addition to your diet. They can also be added to fruit bowls, salads, curries, sandwiches, pasta, and various other dishes.

Increase your protein intake

One of the main reasons for unhealthy snacking is feelings of hunger and satiety. Eating a high-protein diet reduces these feelings and keeps you fuller for longer.

Use your oven

Another great way to make your lifestyle and diet healthier is by baking and grilling instead of frying or using the stove. Baking in the oven or air fryer requires way lesser oil and butter.

Yogurt over ice cream

Green and frozen yogurts are a great alternative to regular ice cream. They have a similar shelf life which makes them just as convenient and has high nutritional value.


The best way to eat healthily is to cook food from scrap. Minimising the use of highly processed and junk foods is the way to go if you want to start eating healthy.

Meal prep

A great way to make cooking at home easy is by meal prepping. Meal prepping suggests cooking something in a few servings and storing it for a few days in the fridge to avoid having to cook everything daily. Although this can make it boring to eat the same food a few times a week, you can improvise.

Plan before you shop

Unlike junk foods and highly processed foods, fruits and vegetables have a very short shelf life. One of the best ways to do this is by planning your meals for the week in advance. Once that is done, pick a day to go grocery shopping and buy all you need for the week. This might further encourage you to use these vegetables and fruits in your meals before they go bad.

Stick to the list

Grocery shopping and even online ordering can make you want to buy unhealthy food. The best way to avoid buying unhealthy food is by making a list of things you need to buy and strictly sticking to what you need.

Don't go overboard

Buying fruits and vegetables in bulk for the week in hopes to eat it all can cause it all to go bad. This might further discourage you from buying healthy and short-shelf life foods. Make sure to add these perishable foods in smaller quantities.

In conclusion, what we eat can affect us positively and negatively. As easy as ordering food may be, it is extremely unhealthy for the body. Eating junk food can even cause long-term harm to your body and make you prone to various chronic diseases as you grow older. Make sure to inculcate these little changes in your diet to make you healthier.

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