5 Smart Ways To Create A Healthy Food Chart For College Students

A healthy food chart is like a map or a guide that you can turn to when feeling confused about maintaining a healthy diet in college. Read on to learn more.

5 Smart Ways To Create A Healthy Food Chart For College Students

A healthy food chart allows you to be mindful of your food choices. (Image Credit: Istock)

If you're someone who's studying in college, you'll know how difficult it is to eat healthy. The cravings for all things indulgent are at their peak during these years. It's when we wish to explore different cuisines and foods with our friends. Now, we are not saying you should curb these cravings. However, you must not ignore the health factors when trying various kinds of food. You must be wondering how one should do this with such a busy schedule. Most students are unaware of what types of food to eat for proper nutrition. To help you achieve this, you can start by creating a healthy food chart for yourself. It's like a map or a guide that you can refer to when feeling confused about how to eat healthy in college. In the beginning, it may seem like an added task, but once you have it in hand, you'll only be grateful. Without further ado, let's take you through the importance and easy ways of creating one.

Why Is It Important To Create A Healthy Food Chart In College?

A healthy food chart allows you to be mindful of your food choices. When in college, most students tend to have unhealthy eating habits. In today's time, one can easily order food with the click of a button. Not only this but there are also multiple street vendors selling delicious snacks outside campuses. This makes it quite difficult to resist these cravings. If you follow a healthy food chart, you'll have a clear picture of what to eat and what not to eat. It also makes you more aware of smarter alternatives to enjoying the same food but in a healthier way.
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Here Are 5 Ways To Create A Healthy Food Chart For College Students:

1. Eat a wholesome breakfast:

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. It breaks the overnight fasting period and replenishes our body with essential nutrients. However, when studying in college, many students do not pay much attention to their breakfast meals. You may be in a hurry or skip it entirely as you struggle to make it to that morning lecture. This can result in a host of health problems later in life. A healthy food chart for college students must include a balance of proteins, fibre, and carbohydrates. This ensures that you stay focused and attentive during lectures and stay energetic for the rest of the day.

2. Eat fast food wisely:

Fast food is something that we all feel like indulging in every now and then. Just the thought of momos, French fries, honey chilli potatoes, pizzas, etc. makes our mouths salivate. For college students, this craving increases further as they have multiple options within the campus and even outside. Now, we are not saying that you should eliminate fast food entirely from your diet. But you can certainly eat it more wisely. For example, if you feel like having a burger, opt for a smaller portion size and choose healthier ingredients. Avoid including that extra cheese slice in your burger to cut down on calories. This way, you can enjoy your favourite fast food with less guilt.

3. Limit your sugar intake:

Sugar has absolutely no benefit for our health. And it goes without saying that a healthy food chart for college students mustn't have it either. It will surely provide you with that instant kick of energy, but you'll also end up feeling lethargic sooner than you anticipated. Instead of refined white sugar, opt for healthier alternatives such as honey or jaggery. We know it can be difficult to curb those cake and ice cream cravings, but limit their intake as much as possible. Do not eliminate them completely from your diet. All we are saying is to enjoy them, but only occasionally.

4. Eat calcium-rich foods:

Students studying in college are mostly in their late teens or early twenties. During this age, the bones are still developing. This is why it is crucial to include a sufficient amount of calcium-rich foods in your healthy food chart. If you ignore this aspect, there are high chances of you facing bone-related issues such as osteoporosis later in life. To avoid this, make sure you are incorporating milk, cheese, yogurt, soybeans, etc. into your diet. Along with this, do not forget to have high-fibre and protein-rich foods.
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5. Stay hydrated:

We cannot ignore the importance of water in a healthy food chart. During college, we have long lectures until the evening, and if you do not have sufficient water, you can easily become dehydrated. This is why you must ensure that you carry a water bottle with you at all times. Keep sipping on it all through the day so as to stay energised. Water helps promote blood and oxygen flow in our blood and also flushes out toxins. Here's everything you need to know about the importance of staying hydrated and how much your body requires each day.

Now that you know about these smart tips, incorporate them into your healthy food chart and lead a healthier college life.