Festive Season: 6 Tips To Keep Your Diet Healthy During Festivities

We share with you tips that can make snacking and eating food this season less unhealthy and more beneficial for your body.

Festive Season: 6 Tips To Keep Your Diet Healthy During Festivities

Opt for wine or other low calorie alcohol this festive season

As the holiday season approaches, it is very normal for a person to cram additional calories in the wrong places when surrounded by an enticing variety of sweets, snacks, and other decadent foods. However, indulging in these delicious but unhealthy foods can result in unhealthy weight gain.

Keeping an eye on what you consume and how much you consume is essential to make sure you don't start the new year with extra kilos. For this reason, we share with you tips that can make snacking and eating food this season less unhealthy and more beneficial for your body.

Tips to keep in mind to make festive foods healthy this year:

1. Make sweets at home

Without sweets, Indian celebrations would not be complete. Everybody has a favourite treat they look forward to. The issue is that the majority of these Mithais, or sweets, are prepared in stores and are packed with sugar, fat, refined flour, and colour. Instead of purchasing confections this year, make your own at home with high-quality ingredients and healthier alternatives. You have more control over the quantity of sugar and fat used while making desserts at home. You may indulge in sweets guilt-free in this way.

2. Pick healthy snacks

Healthy snacks between meals help keep you full and energetic while also reducing cravings. Snacks provided during parties, card games, or while visitors are present, however, might increase the overall number of calories. Change out the bad snacks for healthier ones that are lower in fat, sugar, and salt. There are many different types of roasted snacks on the market, including roasted makhana, roasted chickpeas, granola bars, trail mixes, khakra, almonds, and dried fruits.

3. Pick healthier alternatives

You don't have to give up your favourite foods and desserts if you eat a balanced diet. However keep in mind that food's main purpose is to fuel your body, not only to enjoy and celebrate. Utilise inventive elements. All that is required is a little substitution. For instance, Use honey or jaggery for the sugar. Replace the harmful maida in your recipe with healthy flour like whole wheat or ragi.

4. Don't miss meals to compensate

If you skip meals, you'll either wind up overeating at your next meal or develop a yearning for fatty, sugary items. Not the best circumstance to celebrate this festive season while staying active and healthy. You can start your morning with a healthy breakfast. A breakfast that is heavy in protein and fibre sets you up for a day of healthy eating. Eat a nutritious snack every two to three hours as a guideline.

5. Eat a salad with each meal

The meals prepared at home over the holiday season are expensive. A good, fresh vegetable salad may be a great way to balance your calorie intake, stop overeating, and increase feelings of fullness. Fresh fruits and vegetables in a bowl of salad are a fantastic source of fibre and beneficial minerals.

6. Drink in moderation

Alcohol is a source of empty calories and is known to increase hunger. We are aware that extra calories are stored as fat in the body. Limit yourself to no more than two medium drinks, and choose dry wine rather than sweetened wine. Avoid aerated and sugary beverages at all costs. During the holiday season, choose green tea, detox water, coconut water, and fresh juices and mocktails.

Follow these tips to make sure you follow a healthy diet this festive season.

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