Do You Drink Soda Too Often? Prepare These Alternate Drinks For A Refreshing Treat

Do you love drinking fizzy drinks? If yes, sodas are not the healthiest options to choose from. Read here to know healthy yet fizzy alternates you can prepare at home.

Do You Drink Soda Too Often? Prepare These Alternate Drinks For A Refreshing Treat

Sodas are loaded with added sugar with zero or low nutrient content


  • Prepare sparkling water drink with the goodness of lemon and mint
  • You can also prepare a sweet drink with sparkling water
  • Ditch diet sodas and choose healthy alternates

You consume multiple drinks throughout the day. Many also love to add some or the other kind of drinks to their diet. Most packed drinks including juices are loaded with added sugars. Consuming these regularly can significantly increase your calorie consumption. Fizzy drinks too are quite popular. One of the fizzy drinks that have gained attention in the past few years is diet soda. These are often considered weight loss friendly due to the low-calorie content. But some fail to understand that these are loaded with some unwanted chemicals that can be harmful to your health. In this article, here's a healthy alternate for diet soda you can prepare at home easily.

Skip soda/diet soda and try this!

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra took to Instagram and shared interesting alternates to unhealthy diet sodas. "If you are trying to cut down on your calories but still enjoy beverages then a most common pick is diet soda. We all know cold drinks are loaded with multiple chemicals and the tonnes of sugar that will not help you regain health in any way. The chemical preservatives, the direct white sugar, the multiple acidity regulators and artificial flavouring weakens the immune system, messes with the hormones giving rise to thyroid, diabetes and other such disorders," she tells.


Drinking too much soda is harmful to your health in more than one way
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As a part of her IGTV series '21 health swaps for healthy 2021' Lovneet Batra, shared an alternate to these diet soda. "People choose diet sodas to cut down on the guilt. But did you know you're still harming your body with the soda as it still is loaded with the very chemicals we were trying to stay from?"

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Substitute for sodas

If you want to choose something fizzy drink sparkling water. The nutritionist tells two interesting ways to enjoy this drink.

Ginger, lemon and mint

Take about 10 ml of ginger juice, half lemon and 4-5 mint leaves for about 250 ml of sparkling water. It gives you that fizz with a very nice flavour.

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The sweet fizz-

If you are looking for something sweet you can take 50ml of freshly squeezed mausami, orange or pomegranate juice for 200 ml of sparkling water and add one whole lemon to it. It will give you that sweet fizzy drink without overloading your system with too many chemicals or calories.

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"You can use this hack when hosting parties too and enjoy your fizzy drink guilt-free!" she sumps up.

(Lovneet Batra is a Delhi-based Nutritionist)

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