Homemade Sweets: Convincing Reasons Why You Must Have Them This Diwali

Diwali 2019, Homemade sweets: This Diwali, ditch sweets from sweet shops and prepare homemade mithai to prevent festival weight and blood sugar spikes. Read here to know more. Also find enclosed an interesting way to prepare sugar-free coconut laddoos.

Homemade Sweets: Convincing Reasons Why You Must Have Them This Diwali

Diwali 2019 is the perfect time to prepare homemade sweets and share family traditions


  • You can prepare mithai at home by using natural ingredients
  • Avoid using artificial sweeteners and use healthy sugar alternatives
  • Dates, honey, jaggery and coconut sugar can be used for homemade mithai

Diwali 2019: The festive season is on with full fervour. Homes are decorated with lights and diyas. Friends and family get-togethers are kind of the highlight of the festival. But icing on the cake are definitely the mithais. From kaju katli to laddoos and barfis, these delicacies are simply amazing to satisfy your sweet tooth. But why compromise on your health and weight amidst the festive fervour. This Diwali, we are going to tell you ways that can enable you to indulge on these sweets without fearing weight gain.

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Homemade sweets: why you must have them this Diwali

Well, it is pretty simple. All you need to do is switch to homemade mithai, prepare them with natural ingredients like nuts and seeds, use healthy sugar alternatives, and practice portion control while consuming them. Now all in all, all of this might seem a bit too much to do, especially because you tend to go a little easy on yourself during the festive season. But, when you actually practice it, you will see that this practice not only avoid festival weight, it also helps you spend some much-needed family time.


Homemade sweets can help in avoiding festival weight gain
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Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, in one of her recent posts, says that instead of chocolates, you all must have homemade sweets this Diwali. "Homemade sweets are a unique combination of pulses, millets, grains, nuts, coconut, ghee, etc. These preparations have low glycemic index and are nutrient dense," she writes.

What's more is that preparation of homemade sweets is a time-tested and cultural way of bringing families together, sharing family traditions with the younger generation. According to Rujuta, it inculcates a sense of sharing, laughing and celebrating together.


People with diabetes often find themselves restricted to eating sweets even during the festive season. Well, homemade sweets are the perfect solution for diabetics. As mentioned above, you can have a sweet or two every day during Diwali. Avoid using artificial sweeteners. Healthy sugar alternatives like dates, honey, coconut sugar, jaggery etc can be used.

The whole idea is to understand that Diwali comes only once a year. "Make your favourite sweets, eat guilt free, share with everyone and cherish the memories," says Rujuta.

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Sugar-free coconut laddoos you can prepare at home

Actress Shilpa Shetty makes it a point to share some delicacies that one can easily cook at home, are healthy and do not cause weight gain. And being in sync with the festive fervour, she recently took to Instagram to share how you can prepare sugar-free coconut laddoos at home. "These extremely yummy laddoos have no refined sugar and are packed with healthy goodness. Trust me, having just one is never enough! Stay healthy, stay happy," she writes in her post.

Watch video below to know how to prepare coconut laddoos.

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