Diabetes Management: Factors Other Than Diet That Affect Your Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes: Several factors can affect your blood sugar levels in more ways than one. Here's a list of these.

Diabetes Management: Factors Other Than Diet That Affect Your Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes: Not drinking enough water can affectyour blood sugar levels

Diabetes is a chronic condition in which diabetics have to follow interventions to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Diet is often considered the major factor that influences one's blood sugar levels. Many often eliminate several food groups from their diet when diagnosed with diabetes. But there are several other factors that affect one's blood sugar levels. There is very minimum awareness about factors other than diet that can help in managing diabetes. To help you manage diabetes effectively, let's take a look at these factors that may lead to fluctuations in your blood sugar levels.

Diabetes management: Factors that affect blood sugar levels

1. Sleep

Your sleep cycle affects several bodily processes including your blood sugar levels. According to studies, lack of sleep can affect glucose control and insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes. Lack of sleep can also trigger other factors like stress that further worsen your blood sugar levels.

Therefore, it is essential to sleep for at least 8 hours every night.

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2. Stress levels

Stress is more harmful than you think. Unmanaged stress puts you at a higher risk of several severe health conditions. Poor blood sugar levels can also be a result of uncontrolled stress.

Stress stimulates the production of adrenaline and cortisol. Secretion of these two hormones in access can raise blood glucose levels.

3. Levels of physical activity

When you are physically inactive, your blood sugar levels may rise. This is why regular exercise is an essential element of diabetes management. But you need to be very careful while exercising with diabetes. Strenuous exercise without any expert guidance can lead to sudden drop in blood sugar levels.

People with diabetes should build a fitness routine gradually with the help of an expert.

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4. Dehydration

Drinking less water can be harmful to your blood sugar levels. When you drink less water, your blood sugar is more concentrated which is known as hyperglycemia. Therefore, people with diabetes should drink enough water or other calorie-free natural drinks.

5. Certain medication

Several over-the-counter medications may help treat health issues but can negatively impact your blood sugar levels. Therefore, people with diabetes should always consult a healthcare professional before taking any medicine.

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