Diabetes Diet: Can Diabetics Eat Sweet Potato In Winter Season? Here's The Answer From Expert

Diabetes diet: Sweet potato contains natural sugars. It is loaded with fibre and several other essential nutrients. Can diabetics eat this carb-loaded winter food? Here's the answer from expert.

Diabetes Diet: Can Diabetics Eat Sweet Potato In Winter Season? Here's The Answer From Expert

Diabetes: People with diabetes should consume foods with a low glycemic index

The winter season is here with all the delicacies that can keep you naturally warm and healthy. One of these is sweet potato. It is one of the winter superfoods that can offer your several essential nutrients including fibre, vitamin C, potassium and much more. However, people with diabetes often avoid eating sweet potatoes as they contain both carbs and natural sugar.

With changes in the weather, it becomes essential for people with diabetes to alter their diet and lifestyle in order to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. But is it really necessary to completely eliminate this winter superfood? We spoke to nutritionist and diet expert, Megha Jaina from BLK and Max Hospital, New Delhi to understand the effect of sweet potatoes on blood sugar levels. Here are all the details.

Diabetes diet: How diabetics can safely eat sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are high in fibre and several other essential nutrients than normal, white potatoes. The glycemic index of the foods helps determine whether it is safe for diabetics or not.

Sweet potato can have a low, medium or high GI, depending on your cooking style. Boiled sweet potato affect your blood sugar levels far less than fried or baked.

Nutritionist Megha says, "It is essential to focus on the glycemic index of the foods before adding them to a diabetic person's diet. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are foods with high GI. But it is not necessary to completely avoid them."

The nutritionist explains that it is rather important to eat them the correct way.

"Sweet potatoes have high fibre content and anti-inflammatory properties. Diabetics can consume it in boiled or roasted form with the skin," she added.


Diabetes should consume boiled sweet potato only
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How to eat

She further recommended that people with diabetes should never consume fried sweet potato. "If you are consuming it as a mid-meal or an evening snack, combine it with high-fibrous salad. This should be followed by some exercise to avoid a spike in blood sugars."

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When to eat

The nutritionist recommends consuming sweet potato during the first half of the day when the metabolism is high, if you are a diabetic. One can have it once or twice a week.


Sweet potatoes can be cooked in several ways
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Who should avoid

Nutritionist Megha also adds that diabetics who are overweight or have heart conditions should keep their consumption minimum.

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