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Craving Sugar? Here Are Some Tips That Can Help You Break Sugar Addiction

Are you addicted to sugar? Do you crave sugar quite often? If yes, here are some tips that can help you overcome sugar addiction.

Craving Sugar? Here Are Some Tips That Can Help You Break Sugar Addiction

Consuming too much sugar is linked with several health issues including weight gain


  • Consuming too much sugar can lead to fluctuations in blood sugars
  • It can also lead to weight gain
  • You can use natural sweeteners to avoid consumption of refined sugar

A sweet tooth often comes in the way of a healthy diet and lifestyle. While there is no harm in the occasional indulgence, it is important to prevent the one-off cheat treat from turning into a regular habit. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to several health-related problems. Obesity, fatigue and tiredness, poor dental hygiene, high blood sugar levels, and heart troubles are just some of the issues that are caused by excessive consumption of sugar. In this regard, holistic lifestyle coach, Luke Coutinho says, “Sugar is designed as a neuro-excita, to keep you addicted and keep you craving it.”

Sugar addiction: Here's what you should do

Luke Coutinho also shared an Instagram Reels explaining some simple things to keep in mind to break a sugar addiction.

In the video, Luke has listed some important questions to keep in mind while deciding to stop consuming sugar.

1) Why do you want to break your sugar addiction?

2) What will it take for you to break your sugar addiction?

3) How will you feel after you stop consuming sugar?

4) What is the smallest thing you can do to begin? 

It would not be wrong to say that it is extremely difficult to stop eating sugar overnight. Some people with strong willpower are able to achieve this feat. But it is always better to start slowly as a sudden break in sugar consumption can leave you feeling weak and irritated. However, there are always safe and healthy replacements for refined sugar that you can switch to initially.

Luke Coutinho suggests celebrating small wins in your no-sugar journey. “Start small by replacing refined sugar with jaggery if you are not diabetic,” he says. After a few days stop consuming jaggery as well and try to continue on the path for a few days. Eventually, you will have successfully broken your sugar addiction, the expert opines. 

Try these tips and stop those cravings for sugar!

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine)

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