Coronavirus: Follow This Quarantine Plan By Celeb Nutritionist To Manage Your Health And Fitness

Coronavirus: With the lockdown that has been ordered, it is important that people stick to a particular routine as they quarantine themselves at home. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares diet and workout plan you can follow as you self-isolate.

Coronavirus: Follow This Quarantine Plan By Celeb Nutritionist To Manage Your Health And Fitness

Coronavirus quarantine plan: Start your day with surya namaskar


  • Follow a routine when you are isolating yourself at home
  • Start your day with surya namaskar, do at least five rounds
  • Have early dinner and drink turmeric milk at bed time

Coronavirus lockdown and self-isolation has resulted in changes in people's routines. Everyone is now working from home and this is likely to bring a change in physical activity and eating habits. In order to help follow a routine, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared a quarantine plan that can help in keeping your weight and health in check. The plan includes a routine which you can follow throughout the day as your self-quarantine. It includes the type of workout you can when at home, the meals and in-between snacking options as well.

Quarantine plan: A meal and workout plan you can follow as you stay at home in isolation

Following is the plan which Diwekar shared on Instagram. It is simple and easy to follow.

1. Surya namaskar in the morning

You should do five rounds of sun salutations in morning as part of your workout. Apart from aiding weight loss, this yoga routine can help you have a glowing skin, boost your digestive system, ensure a regular menstrual cycle, regulate blood sugar levels, reduce anxiety and can even prevent insomnia. Read here to know how to do surya namaskar.

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2. First meal- on rising

After doing your morning workout routine, you can have a handful of soaked almonds and raisins. It can help in giving the right kickstart to your day.


Start your day with a handful of soaked almonds
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3. Second meal- Breakfast

A homemade hot breakfast made can work wonders for your health. On your day of quarantine, you can have poha with peanuts. This breakfast is considered to be good for diabetics. It is easily digestible and low in calories. Adding peanuts to poha adds a dash of protein to the meal. Poha and peanuts can make for a filling and wholesome breakfast which can reduce your cravings for the rest of the day.

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4. Mid-meal between breakfast and lunch

With the slight rise in temperature, a glass of lemon water or nimbu sherbet will hydrate and refresh you. It will also help in improving the electrolyte balance in your body.

5. Third meal- Lunch

Dal rice and pickle can make for a perfect lunch option. Dal rice is a meal with a complete amino acid profile. According to city-based nutritionist Pooja Malhotra, "Rice contains cysteine and methionine, both of which are lacking in lentils. Similarly, lentils contain lysine, the amino acid which grains lack." Top your dal rice with a dollop of ghee. It will not only make the meal more delicious, but will also help you absorb all nutrients from dal rice and from spices like turmeric and cumin. A small serving of pickles on the will provide your gut with good bacteria, which in turn will help in improving your overall digestion.

6. Mid-meal after lunch- A handful of peanuts

Peanuts are one of the healthiest legumes in existence. They are an excellent plant-based source of protein and are high in numerous vitamins, minerals and plant compounds. They can be included in a weight loss diet and can help in reducing risk of heart disease and gallstones. A handful of peanuts after your lunch can fill you up as well.

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7. Have an early dinner

This is the best time to have early dinner. With everyone at home, dinner preparations can be done accordingly. A besan cheela can make for a healthy and wholesome breakfast in your quarantine days. Prepare it with chopped onion, green chillies, tomatoes and spices like cumin, hing, turmeric, red chilli powder and salt.

8. At bed time

At bed time, you can either have a cup of turmeric milk, or you can have turmeric, saunth (dried ginger) and jaggery laddoo. It can enhance your sleep quality and also works well in improving your immunity.


Have a cup of turmeric milk at bed time to give a boost to your immunity
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Stay indoors and stay safe, everyone!

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(Rujuta Diwekar is a nutritionist based in Mumbai)

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