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Cholesterol Management: Drinking These Teas Can Lower Cholesterol; Know Foods To Avoid

Poor cholesterol levels can affect your heart health and lead to other health risks. Regular exercise is the best way to control cholesterol level. Sipping some teas can also help you control cholesterol. Here are some teas you must try.

Cholesterol Management: Drinking These Teas Can Lower Cholesterol; Know Foods To Avoid

Cholesterol management: Exercise for at least 30 mins daily for better cholesterol


  • Poor cholesterol level can increase the risk of many diseases
  • Some lifestyle modifications can help you manage cholesterol level
  • Avoid fried foods for better cholesterol

Poor cholesterol levels are related to multiple serious health issues. It is an unhealthy condition which can affect your overall health especially heart health. Bad cholesterol level can increase the risk of coronary heart diseases, stroke and peripheral vascular diseases. You can also experience high blood pressure due to bad cholesterol levels. Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking, lack of exercise, diabetes and age are some risk factors which can contribute to poor cholesterol level. There are multiple solutions for high cholesterol levels. Most of these involve lifestyle modifications and addition of healthiest foods to your diet.

Just like other healthy foods, teas can help you lower your cholesterol levels. Teas are loaded with multiple health benefits as well as properties which can contribute to lower cholesterol levels. Various studies have also highlighted the benefits of herbal teas for cholesterol. Most teas beneficial for cholesterol levels are high in antioxidants which contribute to better cholesterol.

Healthy teas for bad cholesterol

1. Green tea

Green tea is good for your overall health. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and other health benefits which make it good for cholesterol. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases. Further studies are required to understand the benefits of green tea for cholesterol. Green tea is extremely healthy; you can consume two cups of green tea in a day. It will also support weight loss, better brain function and reduced risk of diabetes.

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2. Oolong tea

Oolong tea is good for your heart health. It reduces the risk of developing bad cholesterol levels. It can prevent poor development of bad cholesterol level. Oolong tea also helps in the management of blood sugar levels. These factors altogether reduce the risk of heart diseases.

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3. Black tea

Another tea which is loaded with antioxidants that can improve cholesterol is black tea. Black tea reduces the level of bad cholesterol. Black tea will also control your blood sugar levels, control blood pressure and improve gut health.


Black tea is loaded with properties beneficial for heart
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Foods to avoid

Some foods can trigger the level of bad cholesterol. Such foods can also affect your overall health. Some of the foods which you should avoid include- fried foods, fast foods, highly processed foods and desserts. Chips, crackers, cookies, cakes and foods with added sugar are a big no. Also, make sure that you consume enough fibre.

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