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Beetroot Health Benefits: Here's How This Root Vegetable Can Help Boost Immunity

Beetroot health benefits: This iron-rich root vegetable is beneficial for your overall health in several ways. It also supports your immune system. Read here to know it can help boost immunity and how to add it to your winter diet.

Beetroot Health Benefits: Here's How This Root Vegetable Can Help Boost Immunity

Beetroot contains potassium which can help regulate blood pressure


  • Beetroot is loaded with iron, vitamin C and fibre
  • Adding beetroot to diet can help prevent anemia
  • Beetroot juice can offer multiple health benefits

Beetroot is one of the healthiest root vegetables. It is loaded with multiple health benefits for your overall health. Beetroots are well-packed with essential nutrients including fibre, potassium, vitamin C, iron, folate and many healthy plant components. Beetroot can help lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, prevent anemia and promote skin health. But you might be surprised to know that beetroot can help boost immunity as well. A strong immune system helps your body fight against several diseases and protects your body against infections. During the winter season cold, cough, sore throat, fever and other flu-like symptoms are quite common. A healthy immune system can help prevent these as well as assist in fighting against these effectively. In this article, expert shares the benefits of beetroot for your immune system and how to add it to your winter diet.

Beetroot health benefits: Can beetroot boost immunity? Let's find out

Mehar Bakshi who is a Delhi-based dietician explains, "During winters, chilly temperatures, dry winds, and low humidity tend to make people more susceptible to cold and flu. However, strengthening the immune system can help ward off viruses and keep infections at bay. One can start improving their gut health by adding beetroot to their winter diet. The extraordinary veggie is a powerhouse of nutrition packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Rich in iron and vitamin C, eating beetroots can help to create healthy red blood cells in the body and battle against infections."


Beetroot is loaded with vitamin C that can help boost immunity, skin health and more
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Beetroot helps promote gut health by improving good bacteria quantity. It is also rich in vitamin C. These properties contribute to a healthy immune system.

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How to add beetroot to your winter diet?

You can add beetroot to your diet in several ways. Choose fresh beetroots to add to your salads, smoothies, soup and much more. Dietician Mehar says, "Treat yourself with a glass of beetroot smoothie or roasted beetroot salad every day to support your hard-working immune system."

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(Mehar Bakshi is a Delhi-based dietician)

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