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ADHD In Children: 5 Signs And Symptoms Parents Should Watch Out For

ADHD signs and symptoms: ADHD is a neurodevelopment disorder which can affect a child's performance at school, behaviour and much more. To seek treatment on time, here are the signs and symptoms of ADHD in children.

ADHD In Children: 5 Signs And Symptoms Parents Should Watch Out For

ADHD Signs And Symptoms: A child with ADHD can find it difficult to concentrate


  • ADHD can cause impulsiveness and difficulty in concentrating
  • Symptoms of ADHD need medical assistance immediately
  • The symptoms of ADHD may expand with age

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopment disorder that affects children. Adults can also suffer from this condition but the symptoms begin from childhood. This condition can affect the performance of the child in school as it can cause difficulty in concentrating. ADHD can result in hyperactive behaviour. Early diagnosis can help effectively control the symptoms of ADHD and help the child lead a normal life. Some children may show symptoms during the early years of life while others may show symptoms until they reach teenage. This article focuses on the symptoms of ADHD you should not miss.

ADHD signs and symptoms in kids

1. Impulsiveness

A child with ADHD can find it difficult to pay quietly. They may also become impatient while waiting for their turn. This can sometimes make it hard to play with other kids.

2. Restlessness

Someone suffering from ADHD finds it hard to stay in one place. Kids with ADHD are constantly in motion and may talk excessively.


Kids with ADHD are hyperactive and find it hard to sit at one place
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3. Inability to focus

This symptom affects day to day activities and performance in schools as well. A child with ADHD may find it hard to pay attention to what someone is saying and get distracted easily.

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4. Forgetfulness

ADHD can make the child forget things more often. The child may forget to complete day to day activities and lost their belongings frequently.

5. Anger outburst

ADHD can cause emotional turmoil and cause which can lead to anger outbursts at inappropriate times.

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These symptoms may changes as the child grows older. Some of the signs and symptoms that can be noticed in adult ADHD are- poor planning, mismanagement, restlessness, low tolerance level, stressed too often, impulsiveness, problem at work or forgetfulness.

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