3 Superfoods That People With Thyroid Issues Can Bank On

Superfoods for thyroid: If your efforts of keeping thyroid under control have been going waste, then you must try these 3 superfoods recommended by Rujuta Diwekar for some improvement.

3 Superfoods That People With Thyroid Issues Can Bank On

Thyroid disorders are common in women


  • Local and seasonal fruit like mango can benefit people with thyroid
  • Essential fatty acids in coconut can also be beneficial
  • Kulith flour helps in assimilation of amino acids

A lot of women go through thyroid problems. In fact, women are eight times more likely to develop a thyroid disorder than men. Thyroid problems increase with age and may affect adults differently as compared to children. The thyroid hormone is responsible for coordinating energy, growth and metabolism for your body. The thyroid hormone should neither be too high nor too low. In one of her IGTVs, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar talks about foods that can help people with thyroid problems. She talks about how thyroid problems can also lead to issues with kidneys, irregular periods and even diabetes.

Superfoods for people with thyroid issues

Here are the three foods that you must definitely be eating if you have thyroid:

1. Local and seasonal fruit like mango

Mango can help people dealing with a thyroid issue. Just ensure that you soak mango in water for at least half an hour. Doing so helps in getting rid of anti-nutrients in mangoes which can come in the way of calcium assimilation. Doing so can also be helpful for people who get a skin reaction after eating mangoes. "People with thyroid can benefit from eating mangos during lunch," says Diwekar in the video. However, it is safe to eat mangoes during any time in the day.

Mangiferin is a bioactive ingredient in mangoes, which can help in lower blood sugar levels. When mangos are not in season anymore, you can have banana or any local fruit.


Mango can be helpful for peopl with thyroid issues
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2. Dry coconut

It is important to improve consumption of essential fatty acids when suffering with thyroid issues. Bacterial and yeast infections are a common occurrence in people with thyroid. To reduce this, you should increase consumption of essential fatty acids by eating dry coconut. Lauric acid in coconut has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. These can also give a boost to your immunity.

You can simply chew a piece of dry coconut. It has good fats and gives a good after taste. Thyroid issues are also associated with depressive tendencies and eating coconut can certainly help you with that.

You can make chutney with dry coconut. Chewing dry coconut can make for a great pre-workout snack.


Coconut can be eaten as a pre-workout snack as well
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3. Kulith (horsegram) flour for dinner

According to Diwekar, it is one of the most under-utilised pulse in the country. People with thyroid issue can benefit from kulith flour as it helps in assimilation of amino acids. This is important for making thyrocine

The flour can also help with digestion problems associated with thyroid issues. You can prepare a soup after kulith aata. It can make for a perfect 6 pm snack and also a dinner option every time you want to eat something that is light on the stomach. You can also add it with rice if you feel like it.


Kulith is one of the most under-utilised pulse in the country: Rujuta Diwekar
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Having these three foods can help in reducing the many symptoms associated with thyroid.

Stay indoors and stay safe everyone!

(Rujuta Diwekar is a nutritionist based in Mumbai)

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