Would You Drink Coffee From An Ice-Cream Cone? Viral Trend Attracts Coffee Lovers

A viral video showing coffee being sold in waffle cones in Vienna has taken the internet by storm. Read to know how people reacted online.

Would You Drink Coffee From An Ice-Cream Cone? Viral Trend Attracts Coffee Lovers

Ice-Cream Cone Coffee (Photo Credit: Instagram/ sdamiani)

Over the past few years, a wide variety of innovative coffee drinks have emerged. Enjoying coffee has become an experience in itself, and different aspects of it are enhanced to attract more customers. One of these factors is the presentation of coffee drinks in unconventional and attractive ways. For instance, we recently came across a video showing a cafe selling coffee in ice cream cones. Yes, you read that right! In the Instagram reel by @sdamiani, we see coffee being poured into waffle cones that seem to be covered in chocolate inside. The barista also makes a simple yet aesthetic latte design.

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As per the caption, this unique drink can be found at a cafe in Vienna. The text on the clip reads, "Who needs coffee in a cup when you can have it in an ice cream cone?" Take a look at the video here.

The reel has received 6.9 million views so far. It has sparked a range of reactions online. Several people have found the idea quite fascinating and have expressed interest in trying it. Others are rather concerned about having it safely. Read some of the comments from Instagram below.

"Why does this stress me out?"

"Too good until it starts leaking."

"Such a cute idea!!"

"I hate coffee but I want that now!"

"Pretty, but I'm too accident prone, would trip after one sip."

"This looks so YUM! And aesthetically pleasing at the same time."

"Maybe not the most efficient way to drink coffee but it looks like such a fun experience! Especially when the chocolate melts into the coffee."

"It's not paper so you won't get melted paper in your hot coffee. It's not plastic so you won't harm the environment. It's edible so no waste."

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This "cone coffee" can also be found in Chennai. We discovered a reel from a few months ago showing this trending beverage being served at a cafe over there. Check it out below.

What did you think of this viral video? Would you like to taste coffee in this way? Let us know in the comments below.

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