With No Money In Account, Boys Find Jugaad At ATM To Buy Chai, Amuse The Internet

The viral video shows how the boys used ATM receipts from their empty bank accounts to buy tea.

With No Money In Account, Boys Find Jugaad At ATM To Buy Chai, Amuse The Internet

The viral video got a lot of attention on social media. Photo Credit: X/@nickhunterr

Our love for tea knows no bounds. There is something special about the tea you get at a street-side tea stall that is unmatched. But what if you are craving for a cup of chai but don't have money to buy it? India's reputation for finding "jugaad" in almost every task shines once again in a recent viral video. This time, two boys ingeniously solve the problem of enjoying a cup of tea despite having empty bank accounts. A video that's been going viral online shows two boys using their jugaad skills to have a cup of tea without any money. In the X video, the boys hit upon a unique idea at an ATM where they try to take out money from an ATM but find out they have no money in their accounts. Instead of giving up, they collect all the receipts and head to a junk shop to sell the stack for Rs 20. And it is with this earned money, they buy 2 glasses of chai at a tea stall.

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The video has been getting a lot of attention from people online, who are amazed and amused by what the boys did. The video was first shared on a social media platform called X by a user named 'Nickhunterr'. It got more than 500,000 views! Nickhunterr joked that this kind of clever thinking should stay in India because it adds to the country's charm.

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Watch the video here.

Netizens are abuzz with discussions about the video. People online have been talking a lot about the video. Some think it's really smart of the boys to find a solution to their problem, while others find it funny that they went through so much trouble just to have a cup of tea. Many users find issues with the entire concept. One person even joked that they must have had a lot of free time on their hands!

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