"Don't Try Again" - Woman Pours Dosa Batter In Sandwich Maker, Here's What Happens Next

A viral video shows a person making an unconventional 'sandwich' using dosa batter. Read to know how people reacted online.

'Don't Try Again' - Woman Pours Dosa Batter In Sandwich Maker, Here's What Happens Next

A bizarre recipe for 'dosa sandwich' has gone viral (Photo Credit: Instagram/ noorii_kitchen)

When it comes to viral food videos, dosa is often featured as part of bizarre food experiments. From unusual toppings to eye-catching shapes, people love to give their own twist to regular dosas. A video currently taking Instagram by storm takes the experimentation one step further. In this reel, a woman is seen pouring dosa batter into a sandwich maker (the unplugged kind that is placed over a stove to cook the sandwich). Wondering what happened next? Find out below.

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In the Instagram reel by @noorii_kitchen, the vlogger says that someone wanted to eat dosa, and another person wanted to eat sandwich. Hence, she decided to make this 'dosa sandwich'. She first greases the sandwich maker with oil. She spreads batter on it and tops it with red chilli flakes, salt and chopped onions. Next, she adds a cheese slice and spreads schezwan chutney on top of it with a spoon. Finally, she 'closes' the sandwich by adding more dosa batter on top. She garnishes it with coriander leaves and closes the utensil. She cooks the 'sandwich' on low flame on both sides for a few minutes.

She advises viewers to remember to add oil on the upper part of the sandwich maker as well. This should be done before closing it, or else the dosa batter will stick to it, and the dish may fall apart. She is seen occasionally opening the sandwich maker to check the progress and also add more oil. Finally, she removes the toasted 'sandwich' from the heat and cuts it into four pieces to reveal the layers. Watch the complete video below:

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The Instagram reel has received more than 19 million views so far. In the comments, many users have voiced their dislike for this fusion food. Very few people have found it interesting. Check out some of the comments below:

"She made a 'Sandhosa'."

"I think it is good.... Maide ka bread khane se acha hi hai" ["I think it is good... Better than eating bread made of refined flour at least"].

"You have a hidden talent. Please keep it hidden."

"Good try, don't try again."

"Na dosa wala dosa khapaya, na sandwich wala sandwich" ["Neither did the dosa person get to eat dosa, nor did the sandwich person a sandwich"].

"Yeh uttappa hai sandwich maker mein" ["This is how to make uttapam in a sandwich maker"].

"Lost it when cheese was added. Yikes."

"South Indian ancestors rolling in the grave."

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