Viral Video Shows Flight Attendant Spoon-Feeding 5-Year-Old Passenger, Internet Divided

Onboard a Singapore Airlines flight to Tokyo, a viral video shows a flight attendant helping a child with their meal. Read to know how people reacted.

Viral Video Shows Flight Attendant Spoon-Feeding 5-Year-Old Passenger, Internet Divided

(Photo Credit: Instagram/ michaelrutherfordonline)

Booking in-flight meals is a common practice these days. It makes flying convenient and hassle-free. It is also important to consider that certain individuals, especially children, encounter difficulties eating during the flight. Recently, a video making the rounds online shows a 5-year-old child who was assisted by a Singapore Airlines crew member on a Tokyo-bound flight. In the viral Instagram reel, the flight attendant is seen spoon-feeding the young passenger from two small plates placed in front of him. The caption reads, "What would you do if this happened to you? We're having the greatest flight ever and this just made it even more perfect." Take a look at the clip below:

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The video has received more than 13 million views so far. It has sparked mixed reactions. While many applauded the flight attendant for her compassion and willingness to provide personal assistance, others questioned the necessity of such a gesture. A few called her "amazing," but others thought that the child was "old enough to feed himself." Some felt like people were jumping to conclusions by looking at the situation negatively. Read some of the reactions below:

"Little man is living his best life! Kudos to the awesome flight attendant!!"
"He looks like he can't be bothered to look away from his screen either. This is just weird to me. Sweet flight attendant, but this shouldn't be her responsibility."
"She probably misses her children. This is sweet of her to let the parents sleep."
"Flight attendants are not babysitters. They are there for the safety of the passengers."
"Maybe the child was flying alone and needed assistance. Or maybe his mum or dad was there but they were asleep - who knows, all I know is that the flight attendant helped this little boy and there's nothing wrong with that."
"I don't find it adorable or nice, this disrespectful actually! She has enough work and this is not included in her duties she did it because she's nice but his parents should do something about it and make him understand that the world works differently."
"I mean it's totally okay if the flight attendant did this voluntarily. But NEVER EVER think that this is part of their responsibilities, ok? I can sense that some of these people already started thinking that they're entitled to this kind of treatment. Take care of your own kids, that's not their job."

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