Bengaluru Restaurant Cook Uses "Broom" On Tawa, Video Has 15 Million Views

A recent video showing the making of "hi-tech dosa" at a Bengaluru restaurant has gone viral. Read to know why people reacted negatively.

Bengaluru Restaurant Cook Uses 'Broom' On Tawa, Video Has 15 Million Views

A viral video shows a cook sweeping a dosa tawa with a broom. (Photo: Facebook/Thefoodiebae)

Dosas are one of the most popular food indulgences. From streetside stalls to fine-dining restaurants, various establishments aim to master this South Indian delicacy. Some places specialise in making different kinds of dosas, attracting many foodies with their offerings. Recently, a viral video from one such restaurant in Bangalore is making waves online. The video captures the making of dosas from scratch, and in doing so, has given people a glimpse into what exactly goes into its preparation. Facebook users have been left fuming after watching it.

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In the Facebook video by @Thefoodiebae, we see a cook in front of a large tawa in a restaurant's open kitchen. Crowds of customers are visible behind him, anxiously waiting for their orders. He starts preparing the tawa to make dosas. He sprays water on it and proceeds to sweep the tawa using a broom. The water turns to steam on the hot tawa and he continues the sweeping motion. Next, he starts spreading batter in circular motions to make the dosas. One tawa is big enough to make 12 dosas.

The cook makes a small hole in the corner of what looks to be a packet of ghee. He then presses the packet to pump out the ghee over each dosa in an expert manner. Next, he adds small portions of some filling in the middle of each dosa. Later, he spreads a lot of podi masala on top as well. He folds the dosas and transfers them to banana-leaf lined plates. These are then loaded with chutneys and sambhar before being served to the customers. "Crazy Rush for Most Hi-Tech Dosa of Bangalore," reads the caption. Watch the complete video below:

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The video has received 15 million views and 111K likes to date. The comment section has exploded with mixed remarks. While many internet users have criticised the use of a broom for wiping the tawa, some have come forward to explain the reason for using a broom to clean the tawa. There are others who found the amount of ghee/oil used for making the dosa highly excessive. Check out some of the reactions below:

"Most hi-tech oily heart disease dosa."

"Ghee fried snacks....not dosa."

"Overhyped places. There are much better dosa places in Bangalore than this."

"Hi-tech is the best marketing tool. Bangaloreans have a weakness for that word."

"Most Hi-Tech Dosa of Bangalore use jadoo (broom) to clean the tawa while using excessive oil for the customer to visit the doctor soon. Nothing hi-tech about this."

"Wah tasty, cholesterol and heart diseases served in a plate. Wonderful."

"That quantity of ghee and 'chattni pudi' for one dose (dosa) is of no benefit for health. Please maintain caution on intake; a healthy life is more precious than the momentary satisfaction of taste buds."

However, another user on X came up with an explanation, "This is called the "coconut broom." It is used only to clean the dosa tawa and not for any other things."

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