Viral: This "Paper Bag Fried Chicken" In Malaysia Is Raising Eyebrows Online

A viral video showing pieces of chicken being fried inside paper bags has taken the internet by storm. Read to know how people reacted below.

Viral: This 'Paper Bag Fried Chicken' In Malaysia Is Raising Eyebrows Online

Chicken being fried in paper bags has made the internet concerned (Photo: Instagram/ thefoodranger)

Street foods from different parts of the world can often leave us surprised. Our social media feeds frequently introduce us to bizarre dishes as well as cooking techniques used by people in other countries. One such video currently taking the internet by storm features "paper bag fried chicken". As per the caption, this unusual fried chicken snack can be found in Malaysia. While the vlogger has called it a "must-try" treat, many Instagram users remain unconvinced. In the reel by Trevor James (@ thefoodranger), we get a glimpse at how this "unique" fried snack is prepared.

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The marinated chicken pieces are first filled into small paper bags. One bag contains one chicken piece. We see several bags, stapled closed, lined up to be cooked. Next, we see a person frying them in hot oil and taking them out a few seconds later. The bag is opened to reveal the "crispy" and "juicy" chicken.

Watch the complete video here:

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The video has received 2.9 million views so far. In the comments, many users expressed their concern about the colour of the oil. Others were confused about the need to use paper bags in this way. Read some of the reactions from Instagram below.

"Looks so good. What a bizarre technique though."

"The stapler pin on the paper bag can be dangerous."

"That's not crispy just greasy."

"This should be illegal."

"Why is the oil so dark like engine oil?"

"Hello hygiene officer, help."

"The chemicals used to make the paper must add good flavour."

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