Dry-Fruit Omelette Sparks Online Frenzy. Internet Asks If There Is An Ambulance On Stand-By

The viral video shows the making of a unique omelette loaded with butter and topped with dry fruits. Looks like the internet is not impressed.

Dry-Fruit Omelette Sparks Online Frenzy. Internet Asks If There Is An Ambulance On Stand-By

The video of the unique omelette went viral.

Online trends are buzzing with wild food experiments, and the latest one to hit the screens is the 'dry-fruit omelette'. This unconventional breakfast concoction has taken the internet by storm, thanks to a small food stall in Gurgaon. In a video shared by @youtubeswadofficial, viewers can see the street food vendor making this unique dish using a whopping 10 eggs! Drenched in butter and topped with onions, tomatoes, cheese, and a sprinkle of oregano, this omelette takes an unexpected turn with the addition of dry fruits. The cook claims it's a special recipe for winter mornings, adding a touch of seasonal flair to the already-loaded omelette.

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The video has gone viral with over 3 million views. Watch the making of the viral omelette here:

However, as the video circulated, so did the reactions. Some viewers raised concerns about its negative impact on health, while others cracked jokes about needing an ambulance on standby. This quirky creation has ignited a lively debate among food enthusiasts.

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Here are some of the comments left by the viewers:

"Total bill 1 lakh: 50k for hospital 50k for medicines"

"Heart attack loading"

"10 ande ka omellete - 1 ghante mei heart attack" (10 eggs omelette - heart attack in one hour).

"Great work Gaurav bhai, you are actually warning us what EXACTLY NOT TO EAT! Kiddos"

"Ruined it with paneer and dry fruit"

"So much of butter... nobody will eat"

What do you think of this winter-special dry fruit omelette? Would you like to try it out?