"Unprofessional Behaviour": Delhi Man Shares Ordeal After Receiving 'Almost Expired' Atta From Zepto

According to the posts, Zepto customer care allegedly denied help and asked the person to finish all the flour in seven days.

'Unprofessional Behaviour': Delhi Man Shares Ordeal After Receiving 'Almost Expired' Atta From Zepto

The news of Zepto selling 'almost expired' atta took social media by storm (Photo Credit: iStock)

In this fast-paced world, online delivery apps come as a blessing. From exclusive articles to our daily needs, we get it all at the doorstep in just one click. But unfortunately, we often experience mishaps as well. In fact, now and then we come across news featuring people getting exposed to bad food, grocery, and essential deliveries. One such news regarding an instant grocery delivery platform recently grabbed our eyeballs. A Delhi resident, named Gajendra Yadav, took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to share his ordeals after receiving a nearly expired packet of atta from Zepto.

According to the post, the person ordered 10kg atta from the online grocery delivery platform Zepto and received a packet that is expiring in eight days of delivery. He also attached a photo of the atta packet, focusing on the dates mentioned on it. "@ZeptoNow ordered 10kg wheat from Zepto. The expiry date is after 8 days. 8 din mai 10kg kaise khatam hoga @ZeptoNow bhai?? Idhar ajao...mil ke khatam karte hai (How can I finish 10kgs of atta in 8 days? Please come home, we can finish it together," Yadav wrote.

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The post, in no time, went all over social media, grabbing the attention of the company. Zepto promptly took to the comments section to react and apologize, "Hi, We regret this unpleasant experience. Could you please DM us your registered contact details or order ID? Our team will shortly get in touch with you."

Now, if you thought the story ends here, then dear reader, you are absolutely mistaken. In fact, Gajendra Yadav recently took to X to share an update on the incident that left us dismayed. According to the post, the complainant allegedly received a call from Zepto's customer care, who said that nothing could be done with the order. In fact, he claims that the customer care representative suggested finishing 10kgs atta in seven days.

"Received call from @zeptocares and lady said NOTHING CAN BE DONE HERE. EAT 10KG of WHEAT IN 7 DAYS! Unprofessional behaviour. Dear @aadit_palicha @v0hra you need to add some training sessions of common sense and logic for your customer service. At least, show the expiry date on your app if you are running your business by selling NEAR EXPIRY products. @chiragbarjatyaa," the post read. Alongside, he asked the company founders for their office address where the former could send back the extra atta that would remain unused.

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Later, Yadav updated his followers, sharing that he had received the address and would send 3kg of flour to each founder of the company. He also added that after all these unpleasant experiences, Zepto offered a refund to him for the said order.

These posts created a storm on social media, with people reacting to it strongly.

"Basic inventory management Funda : FEFO - First Expiry First Out. Will be careful while ordering from Zepto now onwards," a post read.

A comment read, "More than 50% of items brought online have a close expiry date. They are available for less than 25% of the MRP in the market. Sellers are dumping those on online platforms & making huge profits. Every Good Service has a bad side effect."

A third comment read, "Even I had the same experience with

@letsblinkit @blinkitcares...and to top it all the reporting or complaining or return process is the worst. No matter how much video or pic proof u give, they would simply not take it. In these matters big basket is better. The delivery person takes the return then and there. All these fast delivery services have now started looting people."

What are your thoughts on the incident? Did you ever have any such experience with online grocery delivery? Share it with us in the comments section below.